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Recovering after a workout is essential for your training, and it’s equally important to take rest days. Your body requires time to heal and develop the muscles you’ve worked hard to achieve. To aid in your recovery, you should eat healthy food and get plenty of rest. Additionally, you can help alleviate muscle soreness by providing some tender loving care to your muscles and using a massage gun can be an excellent way to do that. But before that let’s look into some traditional ways to relieve pain.

Natural ways to relieve pain

If you experience body pain, taking painkillers may provide temporary relief, but natural remedies can be a more sustainable solution for frequent discomfort. Here are some traditional remedies that can help alleviate pain:

Soak in salt water: Salt water can reduce muscle pain and inflammation, and warm water helps relax tense muscles caused by exercise or physical activity.

Massage: Massage is a popular way to treat body aches as it promotes tissue relaxation, reduces stress, and may relieve nerve compression. Using warm mustard oil during a massage is particularly effective due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Warm compress: Applying a warm compress can increase blood flow and reduce muscle stiffness. It works best for sore muscles, but not for pain caused by an injury. Be careful not to make the heating pad or towel too hot, as it may burn your skin.

Cold treatment: Ice packs are effective in reducing pain and swelling from muscle sprains. They also numb the affected area and reduce bleeding.

Ginger: Ginger contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds, making it a great natural remedy for pain relief. Research suggests that ginger can be as effective as ibuprofen. Drinking ginger with warm water is the best way to consume it.

By using these natural remedies, you can manage your body’s pain and discomfort without relying on painkillers.

Percussive therapy by massage gun

Massage guns use percussive therapy, a form of soft tissue massage that uses vibrations to relieve muscle tension. This therapy helps reduce soreness, tension, knots, aches, and other types of pain. Even those who work physically demanding jobs or sit at a desk for extended periods can benefit from massage guns and percussive therapy.

There are several massage guns available on the market, so you’re sure to find one that meets your specific needs. We’ve tested various massage guns based on factors such as battery life, quality, effectiveness, and variability of settings. This guide will assist you in selecting the best massage gun for your lifestyle and requirements.

Parameters to select the right massage gun

Massage guns are useful in reducing muscle soreness and preventing it when used before and after exercise. These guns work by delivering rapid-fire pulses to specific muscles, providing the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your own home.

When selecting a massage gun, there are several factors to consider. These include your personal tolerance for noise, the gun’s stall force, which refers to the pressure level you can apply before it shuts off, the device’s weight and shape, and the customization options available, such as different speed settings and head attachments for targeting specific muscle groups. By considering these factors, you can choose a massage gun that is tailored to your needs and provides targeted benefits.

Massager guns by UltraCare PRO


It works on a percussive massage therapy treatment that applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into the muscle tissue and works knots & tension out of the muscles while improving blood flow. 

The body Sensing Technology of ULTRAGUN makes the massage more precise and accurate for faster relief.

Fascial Massager Gun


  • ULTRAGUN is a percussion therapy massage gun for deep pain relief.
  • Unique Body Sensing Technology – Activates upon touching the body surface to apply concentrated pressure deep into the muscle tissue.
  • Relieves knots & tension out of the muscles while improving blood flow. 
  • ULTRAGUN can be used for pain, muscle stiffness, and joint soreness and to improve physical recovery.

Features of ULTRAGUN

Percussive Massage with Body Sensing Tech: ULTRAGUN works as a percussion massager that applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into the muscle tissue and releases pain, muscle stiffness, and joint soreness. The body Sensing Technology of ULTRAGUN has the ability to precision massage delivery for optimal results.

4 Massage Heads: ULTRAGUN consists of 4 easily detachable heads that make sure each pain point in the body is covered with the most appropriate contact. It has Tip Head for all body parts, Small Flat Head for joints, U-Head for vertebrae, and Ball Head for large muscles. Versatile heads of ULTRAGUN allow you to get customized treatment as per your comfort.

Cutting-edge Motor: ULTRAGUN is built with a formidable high-torque motor that delivers outstanding performance. It does not generate any noise during use and gives a maintenance-free performance.

Wireless & Light Weight: Designed with intention, from conventional designs to a user-friendly approach; ULTRAGUN comes in wireless, portable, and a feather-light weight device. The compact & sleek design of ULTRAGUN gives it an edge over existing products in the market.

Rechargeable Battery: With long hours of battery life, ULTRAGUN is swift rechargeable and can be easily powered up via a USB port – allowing quick and simple access to the device’s charging so you can use it again soon.

UltraGun Pro

A unique handheld percussion massager gun that applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into the muscle tissue to provide deep relaxation & faster recovery. 3 Scientifically Calibrated Intensity Modes help the massage gun reach deep muscle tissue for precise massage miracles, with a small 10W motor and personalized comfort.

What is UltraGun PRO?

  • A unique handheld percussion massager gun for deep relaxation & faster recovery
  • Ultra-Compact design; Silicone construction for a strong yet smooth multi-grip
  • Very low-noise motor for truly portable and attention-free use on-the-go
  • Relieves muscle fatigue & pain, promote blood circulation, and clears lactic acid
  • Scientifically Calibrated Intensity Modes

Features of UltraGun Pro

Unique Metal Head for Immersive Oil Massage: UltraGun PRO comes with a unique metal head with a smooth finish, which can be used with essential oils, ointment, and even during aromatherapy.

On-the-go Powerful Percussive Massage: UltraGun PRO employs advanced percussion therapy to alleviate muscle soreness by penetrating deep tissues and increasing blood flow to the affected area. It was created to ensure that you are never far from a relaxing massage, no matter where you are.

3 Soft Touch Silicone Massage Heads: The UltraGun PRO is a handy tool to alleviate soreness, with three full-silicone massage heads and one versatile built-in flat head that offer a diverse range of massage options, each targeting specific muscle groups. This massager’s vibration technology provides a deep muscle treatment for your entire body, helping to relieve soreness and tension.

Small in Size & Big on Power: Unique handheld percussion massager gun which is supremely compact in design, fits precisely in the palm, and delivers a powerful performance as the bigger massage guns, so you won’t have to worry about a bulky device to carry or use in tight spaces like a car or flight.

Multigrip Design: UltraGun PRO has a compact & advanced silicone outer construction design that precisely fits into the palm and provides multiple grip options to reach across different zones of the body with ease. It’s a single-piece construction that provides better protection from damage with no extra attachments.

Powerful Yet Silent Motor: A high-torque brushless motor that ramps up to 3200 PPM helps to rejuvenate aching muscles by sending waves of vibration through remarkable quiet & peaceful massage.


UltraCare Pro offers cutting-edge pain management solutions with its advanced technologies. The ULTRAGUN and UltraGun Pro are the top choices due to their convenient use and versatile applications. The UltraGun Pro’s oil massage head is particularly impressive, providing targeted pain relief. Contact UltraCare Pro for the best healing device to alleviate your pain.

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