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Quality of life is in your hands. More and more people have become health-oriented nowadays; this includes old age as well. And why not? As the study of physical activity and health among older adults show that, ‘older adults can obtain significant health benefits with a moderate amount of physical activity, preferably daily.’

Exercising regularly not only makes you look beautiful but also improves flexibility, strength, and endurance. Regular physical activity for older adults is a must keep their body functioning and in good condition. So what you are above 60, it’s never too late to start. Remember, “Slow and steady wins the race”? Start with something light like a 5-minute cardio, brisk walk, swimming and gradually increase the time you spent exercising.

So now, let’s have a look at some of the best exercises for seniors:
1. Strength Training
Vital senior couple in the gym
If you think that strength training is only for young blood than you’re wrong here. Strength training indeed has incredible benefits for seniors. Target all muscle groups and lift weights, accordingly. Initially, start with light weights or no weights. Once your body is conditioned with the exercises, you may start with lifting dumbbells, resistance bands, and machines. Perform 1 set of 10-12 repetitions and gradually progress either by increasing weights or adding more sets.

2. Cardio Exercise

Aging causes loss in aerobic fitness and thus reduces mobility in day-to-day life. Engaging in a 30-minute cardio exercise will shoot up your endurance level. Before starting and exercise see your doctor as well as your fitness expert. Walking, cycling, swimming, tennis, etc are all aerobic exercises, one may do. Ensure you stretch after every workout.

3. Exercises for Balance and Flexibility

Each year, hundreds of older patients visit the hospital for broken hips or knees due to falling. Incorporating balance exercises in your regime shall help you avoid such injuries. Staying inactive or leading a sedentary lifestyle when aging can lead to stiffness of joints. This, in turn, may only lead to more injuries. Hence, indulge in exercises which improve your balance and flexibility.

Seniors may face challenges with regard to mobility, however, that is fine. Chronic health conditions and age-related factors do contribute to the reduction in mobility. This can be improved with time and a few fitness tips for seniors like;
1. Don’t rush in too quickly but start slow.
2. Stay committed to regular exercise and you’ll be able to see incredible benefits.
3. Stretching is as much important as exercising.
4. Listen to what your body says. Any discomfort shall not be ignored and taken care of.
5. Walk around more. It is the best low-stress exercise with great benefits.
6. Avoid sitting for long hours and stand up occasionally.
7. Schedule annual health checkups and be aware of the latest wellness information.
8. Sleep enough. Proper and sound sleep is very crucial.
9. Keep your electrotherapy machine handy to treat pain/sprain/strains anytime

Being creative and having fun when exercising shall also improve your mind as well as emotional health. It will keep you regular in your workouts too. Join a yoga class or a walking group or a swimming class, the choice is yours, just remember that, quality over quantity matters when senior fitness is concerned. Make yourself a priority above everything and get fit and independent.

Stay mobile and age gracefully!