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arithis pain
Not all joint pain is arthritis but an acute one can be a sign of it too. Confused? Arthritis is indeed a very tricky condition where it becomes very much challenging to differentiate between normal, random pain and arthritis pain. And lack of which leads to major complications later. Don’t worry it can be avoided.

Early detection of any condition proves beneficial and same is with arthritis. It does give some signals and symptom before its onset which we hardly take note of or completely ignore considering it silly.

You might be aware of A to Z of Arthritis its Types and Treatments but its the early signs that matters the most. So, we have rounded up some of the initial and most common signs and symptoms of arthritis which you must check for if you are not able to figure out your constant and unknown aches for reason. Let’s get started.

1. Morning Stiffness
arithis pain
One of the common signs of all types of arthritis, generally, people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) often wake up in the morning with stiff joints. It can last between a few minutes to a few hours or a day or two. Due to the presence of the RA factor, the joints become inflamed and turn stiff in the morning. Although it usually begins at hand, stiffness at specific joints or the entire body is an early sign of RA.

2. Fatigue

arithis pain

Extreme tiredness and lack of energy are common for people having arthritis. In fact, it can actually be considered as the first symptom of arthritis because it comes weeks or even months before the signs of other symptoms show up. Fatigue is worse as it can lead to weight loss and even depression as it adversely affects emotions and mood, occupation, relationships with people, sex drive, productivity, attentiveness, creativity, and happiness. It occurs due to the body’s reaction to inflammation, poor sleep, anaemia, and medications which we gulp down to feel better.

3. Pain in Specific Joints
arithis pain
Since there are more than 100 types of arthritis, their symptoms also vary. Like in osteoarthritis, you may feel pain and tenderness around your knee joint, or any other particular affected joint. If any such specific joint like knee becomes painful on a daily basis, you must immediately get it confirmed and start with natural or osteoarthritis knee treatment at home.

4. Decrease in range of motion
arithis pain
Joint inflammation gradually affects tendons and ligaments causing instability and deformation in them making it difficult to perform a certain range of motions. One may face difficulty in bending or straightening certain areas. Regular physical activity and exercise work as an excellent natural cure for arthritis here.

5. Numbness and tingling
arithis pain
This sensation commonly appears on hands but other joints can be affected too. It occurs due to increased inflammation of joints which cause nerve compression, resulting in loss of sensation. In some cases, the joints of hands or feet may even produce a squeak or crackling noise as damaged cartilage grinds against joints while moving.

Pay Attention
Arthritis doesn’t develop all of a sudden to an extreme level. It is our ignorance that makes it flare up at times. If you pay attention to your lifestyle and the signs like above and others such as mild fever, joint swelling and redness, sleeping difficulty, etc., and take necessary measures on time or give arthritis cure properly, there is nothing to worry about.