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With all the time our heads bent low over computers and cell phones, what we ignore the most is our neck, which is bearing all the weight of our head. Every 10° tilt forward, adds the pressure of about 10 pounds on the neck.
Later, he begins the nagging pain that impairs the ability to perform even our daily activities. A slight ache may be due to a strain but a prolonged one can be an indication of something very serious condition like Cervical Spondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis is a condition where an abnormality is seen in one or more discs, the cushion-like substance that lies between the neck bones. It most often leads to a stiff neck, severe neck and shoulder pain, and occasional headaches. In extreme cases, the pain may extend to the arms and hands and base of the skull. In India itself, 20% of people having neck conditions fall in the age group of 16-34 who neglect treatment considering it to be a minor strain.

Neck Pain Causes
Shoulder and Neck
Cervical spondylosis generally causes because of degeneration and wear-and-tear of the cervical spine over a long period of time. Ageing is the most common cause of neck pain, while, engaging into some strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects, neck injury, practising martial arts, performing dance or gymnast etc., are counted as other neck pain reasons. Since the constant pain in neck can be annoying, we have some pain management tips i.e. some dos and don’ts that you must follow so as to avoid turning your neck pain into something major.


1. Watch your posture while sitting, working, sleeping etc. Correct your posture and maintain it. Sit erect and keep your neck in a neutral position.
2. Use an appropriately sized, comfortable pillow, neither too big nor too small.
3. Take a break from work in between and stretch your neck upwards, downwards and sideways to relieve pressure and strain on the structures within the neck.
4. Make sure your computer screen is at eye level and rest your wrists on the table or the elbow on the chair while using the computer to give comfort to your neck.
5. Check for bike shock absorbers often and use smooth roads to avoid sudden jerks on your neck.
6. Wear neck belt to support your painful neck if necessary.
7. Practice cervical spondylosis exercises at home to strengthen the neck muscles and improve the flexibility of your neck.
8. Take high fibre content diet like vegetables, fruits, containing zinc, omega3 fatty acids to have better healing or relief from neck pain.
9. Use a neck massager to loosen up the stiff neck muscles.
10. Make use of physiotherapy tens machine as a cervical spondylosis home treatment option, which is safe, sound, natural, non-invasive and 100% effective than any other neck pain remedies.


1. Don’t hang your head too low for more than 10 minutes no matter what you are doing.
2. Don’t put your hands under the head while sleeping.
3. Don’t talk on the phone, leaning your head to one side or the other.
4. Don’t lift any heavy weight or do any strenuous cervical exercises all of a sudden.
5. Don’t roll your neck as it will grind your neck bones together.
6. Don’t try any hardcore massages, since it will only worsen the neck condition.
7. Don’t use neck collars for too long.
8. Avoid cold exposures and cold bath. Keep your neck warm and covered during the cold.
9. Avoid citrus fruits, egg, tomato, potato, since they can precipitate pain.
10. Don’t go for any random spondylosis treatment at cheaper prices.

Keeping in mind the above dos and don’ts will prevent you from developing any serious neck pain conditions. Take care of your neck. Nod yes to good health!