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Almost every night, does the rude wake-up call of cramps break your sweet spell of sleep and make you scream all night long? Then this is how you must deal with it.

Night pain also termed as nocturnal leg cramps or sleep-related leg cramps is a condition resulting in involuntary contraction of leg muscles. It is painful and can happen anytime interfering your sound sleep. Night cramps can affect any part of your leg; calf muscles, feet or thighs. And even though the cramps leave, the sensation of tenderness in the legs, remain for few hours.

Studies suggest that it is more commonly found in 40 % of older people, 7 % of children and teenagers and highly in pregnant ladies. Basically, it increases with age. Certain medical conditions, like diabetes or thyroid, may cause cramps at times. There isn’t any apparent reason for muscle cramps and nevertheless isn’t the cause of concern. However, the following are what that causes severe leg cramps at night;

1. Staying Inactive
Staying Inactive
Inactivity is the most common reason for cramps. Sitting for a prolonged period or even a poor posture may cause leg cramps. Night cramping is very much possible due to incorrect sleep position. A wrong position may contribute to nerve issues or may hamper the blood circulation.

2. Your Footwear
When was the last time you checked your footwear? We often tend to ignore it and keep wearing it regularly because we assume it to be either stylish or comfortable. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or do not provide enough support may strain your leg muscles, leading to cramps.

3. Poor Diet
Poor Diet
Lack of water intake will only add to illness and can even cause muscles to cramp. Staying hydrated throughout the day is very important. Deficiency of essential nutrients can cause nerve damage. Ensure your food intake has all the nutrients, including magnesium and potassium. It goes without saying that alcohol consumption should also be very minimal. Don’t let your muscles become vulnerable to cramps.

4. Pregnancy and medical condition
Pregnancy and medical condition
Pregnant women are more susceptible to night cramps. Many medical conditions such as musculoskeletal and nerve disorders, electrolyte and endocrine disorders can also cause cramping.

How to stop leg cramps at night?
There are no definite treatments to cure overnight foot cramping however the underlying cause can positively be treated. The home remedies for leg cramps can include, stretching, massaging, application of heat / cold packs, and immediately stopping the activity that causes cramps.
How to prevent muscle cramps?

1. Stretching
Regularly stretching the muscles have been proved to be the best remedy for calf muscle cramp It shall eventually help reduce the frequency of cramps as well. Stretching exercises act as an apt remedy.

2. Proper Diet
healthful-eating-eat-fresh, Proper Diet
Stay well-hydrated with loads of fluids and water. Include foods high in fiber, vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Limit your intake of alcohol.

3. Make your Bed
Make your Bed
Take care that the bedcovers and your blankets are loose. The key is to prevent your feet and toes from pointing downward due to heavy blankets.

Stay fit by stretching and exercising regularly. Avoid overexertion and stay calm all the time. Physical and emotional stress will only worsen the condition. For best results and permanent relief, consider Electrotherapy treatment for healing. Using which, it is very much possible to do away with Nocturnal Leg Cramps (NLC) and stay cramp-free.
Sleep tight!