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Spine strong

Any damage to muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the vertebral column (spine) lead to back pain. Here are some common causes of back pain that can throw some light on pain-generating conditions.

1. Strain:

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Every time we get involved in rigorous activities or something that requires more of physical energy, we push our body and muscles. So at times, this excessive push causes tension in muscles and ligaments that in turn causes pain. So when we lift bags again and again, or fall on our back or feel a sudden jerk or exercise without warming up, our back muscles and spinal ligaments sense the pressure, which leads to muscle spasms. This condition gives you back ache. So make sure that every time you are to hit a gym or work out at home or are about to push your body, stretch a bit.

2. Discs issues:

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Our spine has got 33 bones that are stacked one on top of other. This frames the spinal column. All these bones are supported by small soft discs. They work as cushions for our bones. So when you damage your discs, you experience back pain as healthy discs are the shock absorbers for the body; when they are damaged, you bone sense the shock and you are in pain. Damaged discs include ruptured or bulged discs. This condition is called herniated disc. To keep this menace at bay, get involved in healthy diet and light exercises. Also, if you are habituated to smoking or drinking alcohol, then you better quit.

3. Arthritis and Osteoporosis:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Spine arthritis- osteoarthritis is a condition wherein the cartilage (connective tissue) breaks down. You might find it comforting to sit or sleep or make any movement with your back. This condition also causes formation of spurs (bony outgrowth) and stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal). Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens the vertebrae and hence, you can’t handle normal stress or jerks; so you can easily become a prey of injuries. To avoid these conditions, get comfy bed and have nutritious diet. Also, focus on maintaining your weight.

4. Infections:

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Spinal infection- Osteomyelitis is again a condition that weakens your spine muscles. Here, there is overgrowth of bacteria and fungi in the spine, due to spine surgery or procedure. These organisms also spread in the entire body through blood that further worsens the situation.

5. Pinched nerve:

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Nerves work as signal-sending tool and at times when they are compressed, they send you signal of pain. Basically when your body remains static in one uncomfortable position, you experience compression of nerves. Unattended injury, heavy weight, repetitive stressful activities fuel this condition.

Do not take your back pain lightly. No matter how minor it is, get help instantly to avoid major damage. Physiotherapy is one of the soundest therapies that you can use to curb your back pain or can also use latest technology pain relief machines through which you can treat all kind of pain by yourself. Besides, consulting a doctor in case of extreme pain shouldn’t be given a miss.