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Chronic pain, back pain, joint pain

Before we discuss chronic pain causes and treatment, let’s get an overview of chronic pain. Pain is one of the most common things experienced by each of us. The intensity and duration may vary from situation to situation. The one that lasts for a shorter period or ends with healing or recovery is acute pain, but the one that doesn’t end even after the visible healing or recovery is chronic pain. Doctors define chronic pain as one that lasts for 3 to 6 months. Chronic pain affects many people in that back pain has been reported in up to 50%. Other conditions like headache, fibromyalgia, muscles pain, nerves pain, and joint pain are also common. It sounds terrifying but can get worse if not treated well. This Terrifies people being frustrated by this pain.  It is an unconditional pain, so people also use home remedies. But UltraCare PRO has a modern physiotherapy treatment that you can use at your home without any side effects. 

So, let’s start with the cause and treatment of this pain, and at last, you will get your permanent pain reliever.

How do you feel?
Every time you feel pain, your injured or damaged area sends signals to brain that pass through nerves. Once the message is received, your brain sends you the message that you are hurt. Healing process starts then and by then signals start declining and once you are healed signals stop. However, in case of chronic pain, these signals do not stop despite of the recovery. This condition can get worse through following chronic pain triggers.

1. Any past injury

Foot sprain, muscle injury

If I have broken the same ankle that had already met with an accident in the past or if I have twisted the same wrist that was damaged in the past then chances of it being severely damaged this time around are high. I might heal from it again but it can shoot chronic pain if it is not treated carefully.

2. Excessive exertion

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If a person experiences fatigue on a regular basis, he or she is at a risk of facing chronic pain. Everybody has got different limits and if the same is crossed over and over again, the body won’t be able to take it. It could be working out, or just working for long; pressuring our bones and muscles is not a wise decision.

3. Stress

Depression, Reduce stress, physiotherapy relief

Today’s lifestyle has made stress a part and parcel of our routine. Stress or even anxiety can tighten our muscles and they can end up hurting us. If the stress is not released, the acute turns into chronic.

Tips to avoid chronic pain triggers
1. A healthy lifestyle

Exercise Regularly, Eat Healthy, heathy life, reduce stress

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help you in avoiding chronic pain. It would not help you to avoid injures though but yes, healing would be quicker and would reduce the chances of triggering chronic pain in future. A healthy lifestyle at large means having more of healthy food and avoiding inflammatory food that can damage our muscles and bones. Also regular exercise or short walks or jogs are ideal. Besides, getting rid of alcohol and smoking would also help.

2. Sound Sleep

Healthy Sleep

We feel aggravated pain when we are not able to sleep properly. On the other hand, when we are in deep sleep, blood supply increases in our body which leads to quicker tissue growth and, repair becomes smoother.

3. Physiotherapy

how to work Sonictens?

Physiotherapy is a tried, tested and reliable medium to get relief from chronic pain. The waves that pass into our nerves through the device, reduce inflammation and give rest to the nerves.

Physiotherapy is much more advance now a days, you can treat yourself at home itself through electrotherapy technology devices.