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TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a back pain machine that uses a low voltage electric current to relieve pain. It gently massages through electrical impulses which stimulates nerves while creating a tingling sensation blocking the pain.

The machine helps to heal your pain to heal naturally by increasing the production of a natural pain killer. Terminals carry an electric current from the TENS machine to the skin which results in easing discomfort.

The physiotherapy TENS machine is an effective method to treat back pain and provide relief from chronic muscle pain. It can treat many different types of backaches such as sciatica, multiple disk herniation, muscle strain, stiff neck from reading or staring at a laptop.

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If you are suffering from any kind of back pain consider using TENS as a treatment that will certainly help you. The portable ultrasound machine price in India is inexpensive of high quality and can be used in treating all types of back injuries.

TENS Therapy

TENS therapy is widely used for managing both chronic or acute pain.  The ultrasound therapy is combined with TENS therapy, resulting in synergy to heal pain faster and better.  When applied to the affected area, the machine causes vibrations within the tissue. This therapeutic effect accelerates the healing process by stimulating the blood and oxygen flow toward the affected area.

Thus, healing the area which is wounded or has any ache.

Tips to using Pain Relieving Machine

TENS can be utilized to treat back pain by applying the machine to the affected area and adjusting the setting to relieve the pain. Since all pain has different frequencies you need to adjust the pulse waves until you find comfort.

This is how you can use the TENS machine for all the types of pain:

  1. Plugin the power adapter and attach the wire to the electro pad.
  2. Apply the electrode pad to the affected area after applying the transmission gel and switch on the device.
  3. You can adjust the frequency the way you want. There are 3 modes low, medium, and high.
  4. Set the timer.
  5. Adjust the combination therapy with the + or – button.
  6. Move the ultrasound in circular motion evenly.
  7. Start the treatment by switching on the unit at the lowest setting.
  8. Adjust the pulse length, until you find relief from the back pain.
  9. Repeat the process as necessary, using the machine for about 30 minutes at a time.

Best TENS unit for your Back Pain

There are many TENS machines that can help you to treat your back pain. You need to choose a unit depending upon your preferences and how you plan to use the machine.

If you are looking for at-home treatment you need to invest in a powerful TENS unit. Why not consider the SONICTENS machine that is a combo unit and easy to use for relieving chronic or minor back pain?

Back pain relieving machine

Using TENS

Using tens is generally very safe. However, there are certain that you need to keep in mind. You can even speak with your doctor they can guide you. The technique works differently for different people. Here, we have gathered the dont’s of the TENS.

  • Do not leave the electrodes for a long time without checking or cleaning the skin beneath them.
  • If you face any rash or burns which last more than six hours, stop the unit.
  • Do not place the electrodes on irritated or broken skin.
  • Do not use the device in the shower or bathtub.
  • Do not drive while using a TENS unit.
  • Do not use the TENS unit with heating pads or cold packs.
  • Do not use TENS while sleeping.

Thus, before using the Physiotherapy TENS machine be sure to check the instructions and take precautions.


TENS for Back Pain

TENS helps to ease your back pain by placing electrodes on the skin over the area of pain. This creates electrical impulses that travel along nerve fibers and create tingling sensations. You will feel relief usually after the treatment stops.

Another reason is that the stimulating nerves help your body to produce natural pain relievers called endorphins. Thus TENS will certainly be able to benefit your back pain.

Perks of using TENS

When using SONICTENS will relieve pain faster whether it’s chronic, untreatable pain. It’s a drug-free solution putting an end to the ache. The perks of using are:

  • You will get faster pain relief
  • No drugs were used.
  • No side effect
  • 1-year warranty
  • 7 Days easy return
  • Free expert consultation

These are some of the top-notch benefits you can relish when you make a purchase from Ultracare Pro.


If you suffer from any type of muscle pain you can count on the pain-relieving machine the TENS unit. You might get relief from an injury, strain, or overuse. Today, many people turn towards TENS unit therapy to help them heal muscle pain in the lower back, hips, and arms.

This is at home usable treatment developed by a physical therapist who knew the importance of electrode pads. If you are looking for a portable ultrasound machine price in India it is very inexpensive and is easily available online. However, without any training, it might be tough. For that, you can go through the guide given here.