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Winter Woes: How to guard against stiffness and joint aches

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Winter bring with it major lifestyle changes as the cold weather triggers joint pain. The temperature drop and change in the pressure and weight of air pressing in the atmosphere causes joint swelling and joint pain.

To avoid join ache, make sure that you have your body weight under control. Winter delicacies are worth enjoying but if you are putting up a lot weight, then you are under the threat of becoming a victim of damaged joints.


Keep a watch on your diet. Have more of Avocados, Nuts, Flaxseeds, and Fatty Fish-Salmon. These food items stimulate fat membrane cells, giving comfort to the stiff bones by improving knee cushioning. Consumption of Omega-3 rich food can also be helpful.

Get habituated to drinking more water. Staying hydrated during winter can help you avoid stiffness and join pain as dry joints become inflexible and it causes early wear and tear. Drink 8 glasses of water every day at least. Balancing fluids is the key to avoid pain in winter.


Exercise regularly. If you are gym freak or are already into working out, then you are pretty much safe. Rest you might become prey of joint pain as winter temperature drop doesn’t allow smooth blood circulation that makes your bones and muscles grow stiffer and can even cause swelling. So keeping your joints warm is of utmost importance. To do so, joint friendly exercise shall be performed at regular intervals. Walking, jogging, cycling, stretching etc., are easy and convenient exercises that you can do every day. Taking stairs instead of elevator or walking for short commute or even walking while talking on phone can be useful. Mobility releases synovial fluid that lubricates the joint naturally; in turn reducing the risk of joint ache.

Hydrotherapy is also an old and effective way of dealing with winter stiffness. Putting warm water bag on the affected area for stipulated time can ease pressure on joints and muscles, giving relief from the pain.

Massages are helpful at times. You can get it done either professionally or at home as well. When performed at home, make sure that the strokes are towards the heart.


Staying warm is a common trick that people follow. Cold weather makes it mandatory to wear warm clothes; besides, it also helps in keeping winter stiffness at bay. Layering up will keep the internal body temperature warm. So make sure that you dress for the season. Jackets, socks, scarves, gloves or anything else that makes you feel warm and comfortable shall be opted for.

Some people drive themselves to nearest pharmacy and gulp a pain killer before even knowing the cause of pain. Don’t do that. See a doctor. Consult him/ her and have only prescribed medicines.

Physiotherapy can also be a sound solution to get relief from joint pain. Ultrasound therapy and Tens therapy are renowned for catering such conditions.

Bid farewell to stress. Stressing comes naturally to us, but stress emphasizes the muscle tension that worsens the pain.

The Link between Weight Loss and Knee Pain

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Knee pain is a common problem in different age groups of people. There are various reasons for the same but one of the deepest one is heavy weight.
Knee joint is the largest joint in the human body that gets apt cushioning from the cartilage. Cartilage is the elastic tissue that protects the bones and the joints. So basically, the knee joint works as the shock observer in our body. Every time we walk or move our leg, our knees observe the shock. Hence, it is no rocket science to understand that if you are overweight, your knees would be experiencing more shock and the heavy weight causes further damage to the knees and the cartilage too. It is interesting to note that Knee joint feels five times the body weight at each step.


Besides, according to the theory of BMI, Body Mass Index, people whose BMI is in the range of 25 to 30 are considered either overweight or obese and they are under the constant threat of becoming a victim of osteoarthritis. Apart from this direct relation, there are two other factors that connect heavy weight and knee pain. The first one is poor blood circulation. Overweight people suffer from various problems due to improper blood circulation and one of them is knee pain. Lack of apt blood rotation causes lack of oxygen and knee muscles tend to get weak over the period of time. The other factor is Leptin. It is the master hormone that is released by fat cells of the body and many experts believe that it works in favor of osteoarthritis.

Losing weight can be highly fruitful in order to provide a long life to the joints. Apart from that reducing weight can also provide swift movements of joints and it can also reduce the intensity of pain. Lower inflammation level is again a great benefit of shedding weight. Not only that but, having reasonable weight can also help you in avoiding cancer. So the point that now comes is how to lose weight and avoid health and knee deterioration. We often come across people saying that they want to exercise and lose weight but they can’t because their knee hurts a lot. So now it seems to be a never-ending cycle. Hence the easy way out here is taking baby steps.


The first thing to be done is eating right kind of food. Increase your daily consumption of fruits, green leafy vegetables and avoid fat oriented food. Next thing to be done is going for light exercise. Do not punish your body. Do not push yourself off the limit in the beginning. Furthermore, you can also go for counseling and take experts advice. The thing that you have to remember during this whole process is; it is time-consuming but worthy.


Carrying heavy weight is not an easy task and body-shaming is also not a healthy habit to pet, but being overweight or obese can be threatening and harmful for your knee. So take care.

Joint-Friendly foods and exercises

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Joints develop a connection between bones and help and support us to move. This ease of movement can be disturbed due to injury, joint inflammation or even infection. In certain rare cases it is also because of the cancer.

Today, Joint Pain has crossed all age-bars. Back in the day, it was believed that, joint pain occurs only at an old age but today, this statement fails to be true. Today, people of young age are also becoming victims of arthritis (a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints).

So here are some handy food-habits and exercises that can help you in staying away from join pain.

To have healthy joints your body needs more of anti-inflammatory food so check out this list of food items that can help you with your join pain.

Fish and fish oil: Studies have found that salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring are rich in terms of Omega-3 that aids you in fighting against inflammation. Fish and fish oil are the good sources of Omega-3.


Soybeans: Soybeans are an alternative to fishes as, they too possess Omega-3.


Broccoli: Broccoli contains a compound called sulforaphane, which gives relief from joint pain.


Cherries: One of the components of cherries is anthocyanins, which can work as a join pain remedy.


Besides, consuming green tea, citrus fruits, turmeric, ginger, Kidney beans, and chia seeds can also be useful to avoid joint pain.

Easy exercises for avoiding joint pain:

Walking or Running: Getting your legs in action can be utterly helpful. Besides being cheap, it is accessible and can be performed by people of all ages. Makes sure you have right shoes for walking or running.


Swimming: If you love water, then swim for healthy joints regularly. Apart from providing full-body exercise, it can also be useful in keeping your joints active.


Cycling: Pedaling has its own set of benefits and one of them is keeping your knees fit and pain-free. Do it on regular basis and bid farewell to knee ache.


Knee to chest stretch: It brings a smooth movement to the back, knee and also the hip. All you have to do is lie down on your back. Extend your legs. Keep them straight. Draw one leg near to your chest. Hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Move your leg back to the surface. Repeat with another leg.

shutterstock_84308101 (1)

Pull-ups: They might seem too difficult to attempt but they work as multi-joint exercise. You can start with few pull ups in the beginning and then can extend the rounds as per your capacity.

Reaching Goal: Strong Man Doing Pull-ups on a Bar in a Park

Lift weights: Most of us link lifting weights with body-building and muscle-piping. But what most of us don’t know is it can be really useful in giving relief from joint pain.

should women train and lift weights like men

Some tips to avoid pain:

  • Go for stairs
  • Do not lift heavy bags using only one hand
  • Stay careful about your posture
  • Avoid sugary and oily food
  • We hope that this set of information would be useful to you for getting relief from your acute or chronic joint pain. If nothing brings relief to you, turn to physiotherapy devices for getting drug-free relief.


Shoes Science to Avoid Knee Pain

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It is no rocket science to understand that wrong shoes can cause knee pain. Our foot has 28 bones and they work in synergy with the help of joints. So putting the right shoes is not only useful to experience comfort but it is also safer.

The most common mistake people do while buying footwear is picking the shoe of the wrong size. At first instance you might feel the exact fitting and comfort, but haste can land you in trouble in this case. Take your time, walk for 15-20 seconds, try making flexible moves with the footwear on, and then decide if they are comfortable or not.

Always buy shoes that have enough of toe box or breathing space for your toe



While buying leather shoes make sure that they have a supportive cushion as it gives motion control and can give total comfort to your feet.


When you are up for shopping running shoes, right size and perfect fit should be given the topmost priority as then and only then it would, optimize the pressure distribution from heel to forefoot and you will be able to experience stability that can make the process of walking or running comfortable.


If your shoe-space is going to welcome the company of sketchers, then pick the roomy ones that provide enough space to your foot as tight shoes can be harmful. Also it is ideal to buy those sketchers that come with slippage preventing sock liner.


Next in the list are sneakers. They are supposed to be lightweight and flexible. They have cool looks and equally smart features. They avoid injuries, are comfortable for walks and can also go with your casual look, so if you are flat-footed, sneakers are just the right thing for you, but make sure that you buy sneakers that are made of breathable materials like mesh.


If you are buying shoes for your routine or shoes that you would be putting on at work or for long journeys, well-cushioned footwear should be bought.


If you have low arches then you should go for shoes with firm soles, otherwise you can be the victim of over probation that can cause knee pain.


Curved- rocker sole shoes should be adopted if your job includes more of walking or standing as it distributes the body-weight. Avoid such shoes if you have balance issues.


If your love for sandals is eternal, then picking the right kind of sandals becomes necessary for you. Go for sandals that provide built-in support for avoiding over probation (ones that come with deep heel support) with appropriate arch support. You can also buy sandals that come with removable insoles, so you can put your customized orthotic soles.

Always remember that getting the right kind of shoes can help you with the pain but, it won’t bring you complete relief from knee pain. If you suffer from regular acute or chronic knee pain, then go for natural drug-free solution.

Turmeric – Sure shot healer across knee arthritis

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Knee arthritis is such a disorder that is typified by enlarged and aching joints. It shows up by the indications like lethargy, the rigidity of the joints, muscle throbs, immovability and a shortage of elasticity in the muscles. Basically, a few kinds of arthritis are osteoarthritis, infectious arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

But, to heal these severe conditions of arthritis, turmeric- a culinary Indian spice from your kitchen comes to the rescue. Turmeric has an effective component in it known as curcumin.

  • The components curcumin and curcuminoids that are discovered in turmeric function as a superb cure for arthritis as they regulate and avoid the severe pain and soreness.
  • It does not have any reactions. It looks after the joints while it also protects its synovial liquid (lubrication). It also lessens the pain.
  • Curcumin present in turmeric is known to have bone-protective Researchers and studies on cells from arthritis patients show that curcumin add-ons stop dilapidation and harm the bone flesh.
  • Turmeric cooperates with the genetic factor to ease arthritis.
  • Turmeric- a magical medicine fights against infection, thus preventing the growing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It amazingly increases the effects of the antibiotics and creates possibilities of favoring lessening sepsis in arthritis.
  • Turmeric extracts and curcumin mutually outperform the painkillers and other normal medicines suggested taking care for arthritis. The best part is it does not have any side-effects like the usual medicines cause and suggestively are the adjuvant remedy.
  • Turmeric has the ability to effectively diminish the side-effects of the anti-arthritis medicines like the improper functioning of the kidneys, lessened cardiovascular dangers and averts the causing of losing the weight in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Turmeric powder can be taken orally or made into a paste mixed with olive oil and coconut oil, any one oil slightly warmed and applied topically has a curative influence and lessens the pain collectively. This paste can be spread on the affected joints and be left for 30min – 1hour and shielded with gauze and dressing. This paste can be applied 2-3 times a day.
  • Turmeric has numerous medicinal factors that are advantageous in almost every type of arthritis. Most significant advantages are the antioxidant properties and being inflammatory. Also, it has anti-depressant, autoimmune and natural pain-relieving factors.
  • Turmeric prevents the procedure of chemotherapy in arthritis. Turmeric also aids in lessening the indications and stops the progress of arthritis.

Precautions about Turmeric

  • Turmeric is safe if taken in normal dosage. It is suggested to use up to 1 teaspoon good quality turmeric powder in everyday cooking. Doses of up to 8g are considered safe but higher doses may result in gastric side effects.
  • You can make turmeric milk, turmeric tea, the whole turmeric is best in the case of arthritis. Also, fresh turmeric roots can be grated and added to different types of salads.
  • The reason turmeric being high on oxalates is advised to avoid in the circumstances of gout or if you have greater chances of developing kidney stones and instead opt for curcumin supplements.
  • Turmeric add-ons must be prevented during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Turmeric is safe for children and can be used as a balancing help in curing child arthritis.

Side-effects of turmeric

Greater doses of turmeric may result in a minor, inflamed reaction or sensitivity to turmeric especially after skin contact. Other reactions include loose motions, motion-sickness and severe menstrual flow, greater chances of bleeding, higher liver function tests, low blood pressure, uterine cramps in pregnant women and hyperactive gallbladder cramps.

Special mini love bonds shared amid young darlings and parents

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God’s special gifts in your life are your wonderful and amazing children. Every hug, each cuddle to your child is truly unique and unforgettable in the later years. Being a parent, managing and coping a balance with each child is definitely an essential part of day-to-day life. As a parent, the symmetry has to be tactfully striking where the fulfillment of the wants of each child is taken care of, also assure neither of the children is left out. Let us go through some of the simple but very effective ways to make your child feel special and loved:

1. Be kind and loving- A pack of love on the forehead and both cheeks and a warm hug before bedtime shows your love towards your children. Set up your own way to express your love to your children.

2. Special time with each of your child- Spending special time with each of your children exclusively is surely the best way to make them feel special. It also decreases sibling rivalry as they feel secure and treasured.

3. Make kids your priority- Leave whatever essential work or call you are doing. Lay the whole thing on the side initially when you see your kids come back from school “at least for the first half hour or so” recommends a number of child psychologists. In this manner, the kids feel they are the most important to you compared to everything else. This will boost their self-confidence.

4. Eye contact and communication- Always make sure to communicate with your kids by looking into their eyes. This way they feel you are attentively listening to what they are saying, also you may ask them a few questions. Communication is the best way for a positive relationship and it brings us closer to each other.

5. Smile a lot- The best way to make your children comfortable to you is smile whenever they enter your room so that they feel they’re being there is appreciated. Also, it is a great way to express your love and affection to them.

6. Make mealtime a precious family time- Having meals together is very important. This is the precious time when there are new discussions; sharing stories and everyone eat happily and enjoy each other’s company so the kids are less prone to eating disorders in future. Make sure to turn off the T.V and all other gadgets also.

7. Bedtime is story time- With small children, bedtime is precious treasurable moments which children love and want to sleep with. Reading stories develop a unique bonding between the parents and children. It also helps develop the child’s brain.

8. Correct kids with utmost love and warmth-  Small children do make mistakes so instead of hitting them to punish, always learn to forgive and forget their mistakes. Explain them about their mistakes. Hitting a child turns them towards violence and he learns to deal every matter with disputes and arguments. To discipline your child the correct way, give them immense love and warmth.

9. You are a role model to your child- Behave properly and be a great role model for your child, usually which parents forget. Remember, kids are great copycats. Teach them to be kind and caring to others. Show them good examples and admire them when your kids behave well.

10. Show them your affection- Always encourage and use supporting words to motivate your child and hug them frequently.

11. Play with them- Play what they like and let the kid in you also enjoy with them.

Awareness on GST-Young India’s improved taxation

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GST- Goods and Service Tax is an all-inclusive taxation on the sale, production, and intake of commodities and service at a countrywide level. It is a levy on the merchandises and services with value added at every phase. GST is inclusive of numerous state and central level secondary taxes. It overpowers the negative aspects of the existing tax method. Let’s know more about GST. It will substitute in the following taxes:

1. Taxes presently imposed and collected by the Central Government(CGST)

  • Excise duty
  • Surplus Excise duty
  • Excise duty under medicinal and toilet preparation Act
  • Service Tax
  • Added Custom duty generally is known as a countervailing duty (CVD).
  • Special additional duty (SAD)
  • Surcharge
  • Education Cess

2. Taxes presently imposed and collected by the State Government (SGST)

  • State VAT
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Entertainment and Amusement Tax levied by states
  • Luxury Tax
  • Tax on lottery, betting, and gambling
  • Entry tax other than for local bodies(Octroi)

Why GST in India?

Worldwide, GST is followed in almost 150 countries. Maximum countries have a unified GST system. Some countries have a dual system which India is going to implement from 1st of July this year. GST is being presented in India mainly because of 2 reasons:

  1. The present unintended tax arrangement is alive with insecurities because of numerous rates.
  2. Because of manifold rates, there are numerous forms.
    • GST the tax difficulty in the fundamental tax scheme.

Advantages of GST

  1. Transparency in the Taxation system.
  2. Standardized Tax system throughout India.
  3. Reduces regular tax worries.
  4. Reduces the corruption.

Disadvantages of GST

  1. It is believed that GST is single tax system but in actual it is dual tax system in which state and central jointly collect the separate
  2. Most of the dealers have not been covered under central excise tax but only pay VAT within the state. After the implementation of GST, each and every dealer will need to pay “Central Goods and Service Tax”.

Goods and Service Tax explained with an example:

As shown in the example above, the tax which is paid on the selling inside the state has the right compared to the payable tax on the outer side of the state in the GST, which currently is not there in the tax regime.
The credit of CGST can’t be taken in comparison to SGST and the credit of SGST can’t be taken in comparison to the CGST. Both the credits can be taken against IGST.

Calming and alleviating cold through homemade therapies

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When we catch a cold, the virus glues itself to the secretion tissues of the nose and throat and basically captures the living cells. Then it compels them to reproduce more virus cells. Very disturbing! When the human body attempts to force back the virus, warning signs to come up such as overall blockage, low energy, sneezing. Your body is exhausted and you feel terrible. Homemade therapies lessen up these warning signs keeping you at ease in spite of your courageous immune system combats the virus away. Here are some homemade therapies to calm and alleviate your cold:

1. Water

Increase your fluid intake as it assists in replacing the liquids in the body and sweep away the virus. Lukewarm water lessens the irritation in the throat. Liquids like ginger tea, herbal teas, sports drinks, etc. help to soothe the cold.

2. Honey, lime juice, and warm water

Mix honey with lime juice and warm water to ease your cold.

3. Warm liquids

Warm liquid intake like soups, broths, spiced teas, warm milk aid in decongestion in the nose.

4. Blowing your nose

Blow your nose in the correct manner to get rid of the mucus from your nose. But blowing harder may send the mucus back to the ear channel, causing an earache.

5. Steam – the mucus reliever

Relax your blocked nose by breathing in some steam. Cover your head with a towel over the top of the head to take in the steam. Clench your head over a vessel of bubbling water and breathe gently and cautiously avoiding yourself from burning your nose. You can take some steam while bathing with hot water with doors closed.

6. Custom Mentholated Salve

Menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus- trio have slight anaesthetizing components that aid in reducing the pain of cleaned sore nose.

7. Mustard plaster

Crush 3tbsp of mustard seeds and add water to make a paste and spread it on your chest. The strong smell aids in releasing unventilated sinuses, whereas the heat recuperates blood circulation and comforts blockage. Do apply some petroleum jelly beforehand to shield the skin. The mustard plaster should be left not more than 15minutes or else it may burn your skin.

8. Mustard foot-bath

Soak your feet in a small bathtub of hot water. Mix in 1tbsp of mustard powder in 1L of hot water. The mustard pulls blood to your feet that assist in reducing clogging.

9. Usage of salt-water wash or saline spray

This both aid in ending the blockage in your nose. You can try the salt-water wash, recipe as follows:
Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda and 3 teaspoons of iodide-free salt. Keep in a sealed bottle. Add 1 teaspoon of this blend to 8 ounces of hand-hot simmered or purified water. Then fill a bulb syringe with this solution. Put your head over a basin and lightly squeeze the salt water in your nose. With mild finger weight grip, one nostril closed while squeezing the blend into the other nostril. Allow it to empty. Follow by repeating the procedure for the other nostril. Make sure to always use purified or previously boiled water while making this solution. Thoroughly rinse the bulb syringe after each use and let it air dry.

10. Hang around cozy and take enough rest

It is extremely crucial to take enough rest when you are down with a cold. It assists your body in leading its strength to repel your virus. This conflict exhausts your body. Thus, it is advised to lie down and some rest under a blanket to hang around cozy if required.

Tips for safe driving parameters during the rainy season

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Rainy season or monsoons are definitely never pleasant for driving. You might want to just relax at home instead of driving on those mucky, slippery, water-clogged roads with pot holes. Very true! But you might have to drive at times to work or drop kids to school or travel from one city to another. Here, we highlight some of the useful tips to keep in consideration for safe driving during these tough times in the rainy season.

Drive safely with your 2 wheelers and cars

  1. It is very crucial to get your vehicle regularly serviced, also keep a proper check of the brakes and a car
  2. Before the monsoon starts, it is advisable to change the worn out wipers.
  3. It is mandatory to maintain a good check on the headlights, fog lights, and the taillights to save you from untimely accidents during heavy rains.
  4. To save your car paint, obtain a wax coating done. Also, the inner parts of your car can be shielded from wetness with an anti-corrosion treatment done.
  5. The brakes of your vehicle play a vital role in protecting you; hence they should always be kept in an upright state. The worn out pads or liners lower down the proficiency of the brakes and direct to mishaps. For the drum brakes in your bike, change the brake pads and make them tidy from the inner side. For the disc brakes, check the discs regularly and also check the level of the brake oil.
  6. Do not make use of thin or worn out tires in the rainy season or if the rubber has worn out, do replace them. The treads essentially should be deep enough of 2-3mm depth in the center and both sides as well. The treads offer to hold and scatter water on the road.
  7. Frequently, keep a check on the tire compression and it is advisable to keep the proposed tire pressure (PSI) levels lesser in arid environments.
  8. It is essential to grease all the hinges and levers to proceed easily.
  9. Defend yourself with a solid helmet. It saves you from the injury in the head, face, eyes, jaws, etc.
  10. Do make yourself noticeable on the roads by wearing reflective bands or a perky helmet.
  11. Watch out for hurdles and road vulnerabilities.
  12. Keep a secured gap from other means of transport.
  13. Abide by the traffic rules. Never break them. Your safety is in your hands.
  14. Do not use your cell phone on the roads.
  15. Give way to the foot-travellers.
  16. At no time overhaul on busy roads.
  17. Prevent yourself from speeding on the roads to save your car from sliding while it’s raining.
  18. Keep a control on the clutch and accelerator when navigating through terrible pools of water.
  19. Seldom, race the engine to shove water outside the exhaust.
  20. To pass through cluttered up roads, make use of 1st and 2nd
  21. Care for your vehicle body by smearing a good quality wax polish. Get the abrasions, rusts, and dents in your vehicle mended by your service center to prevent further damage.
  22. Essentially, carry a torch in the monsoons while traveling in the dark or inadequately ignited roads as your smartphone light may not be enough.
  23. Keep an emergency medical kit ready in your car.
  24. Have a spade handy in your car to get rid of the mud from your tires.
  25. Most importantly save a list of the phone numbers of the traffic helpline/ car towing services in your cell phone.

Vital skin tips to hit the monsoon blues

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With the arrival of the monsoons, arises an upsurge in the need to take basic care of the skin. Dust elements simply light on your skin that ultimately harm the even and supple look that your skin retains. Some of the essential tips to preserve your nourished skin are given as below:

  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily which beneficially keeps your skin supple and radiant, flawless, youthful skin.
  • Do use soap free cleansers and a suitable scrub to keep your skin moist at all times. Suggestively, use a non-alcoholic toner followed by toning because the extreme moisture may expose your pores.
  • Make sure to keep using your sunscreen even if the environment becomes cool and cloudy.
  • Do light makeup and choose water-proof makeup. Heavy makeup in the monsoon is a big no-no.
  • Go for lotion- based serum that hydrates and revitalizes your skin.
  • Mild exfoliation is required every day to clear the dead skin.
  • Stay away from bleach and facials in the monsoons as bleaches are more harmful to your face and facial make your skin uneven.
  • Rub in some milk cream to your washed lips at night. Keep away from darkly shaded lipsticks and spread on coconut oil if they are chapped.
  • Always keep your skin and body waxed, manicured and pedicured for an even look also helps in keeping your body clean.
  • As you reach home to make sure to always wash your face, hands, and feet with hand-hot water to make you feel invigorated.
  • Make your own face peels and packs at home purely by using the elements from the kitchen which are nourishing for your skin.
  • Use lukewarm water instead of hot water. Hot water harms your skin and weakens the skin capillaries.
  • Take special care to just wipe your face gently with a towel. Rubbing leads to the uneven and dull skin.
  • Never cleanse your skin in a hurry. Improper cleansing converts into infectious attacks that cause breakouts.
  • Do confirm and check in the salons when you go for a pedicure whether the tools are disinfected thoroughly.
  • Wear water-proof footwear such as sandals and floaters to let your feet breathe in, whereas wearing closed footwear makes your feet sweat which causes bacterial and fungal contaminations.
  • Include healthy and nutritious servings of food that are inclusive of good fats that are necessary for mending harmed skin and also absorbing moisture.
  • In the rainy season, it is highly recommended not to try and test fake jewelry if you are prone to the allergic skin. Extreme moisture in the environment will multiply the threats of a breakout.
  • It is advised to wear the light and loose clothes during monsoons and also keep the skin dry. Wetness in the clothes leads to bacterial and fungal infections.

Skincare tips for the newborns in monsoon

  • For the newborns, skin care is essential during the monsoons.
  • Optionally, you can lightly oil massage your baby.
  • Bathing the baby, with comfy water, twice or thrice a week is good enough to keep your baby clean.
  • It is recommended to use talcum powder to keep the baby’s skin dry from the humid environment, by using talcum powder in a right way so as to avoid the baby from breathing in.
  • Go for the light colored clothes for your baby as the environment changes a lot throughout the monsoon. If the weather is cool cover your baby in layers of clothes and if warm, remove the extra layers.