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Heely Hurty Facts

Heely Hurty Facts

Plantar-fasciitis-Brampton, leg pain
• Heel pain which is usually felt either under the heel or at the rear has a prevalence of 3.6%.

• A study in the US shows an estimate of 7% of older adults stated soreness underneath the heel.

• Plantar fasciitis is estimated to interpret for 8% of all sports-related injuries.

• There are 26 bones in the human foot, of which the heel is the largest bone.


Interferential therapy: Tips for Effective Treatment

Interferential therapy: Tips for Effective Treatment

Physiotherapy is an important area of medical science that deals with the movement and pain of joints and muscles. It includes fixing joint pain of hands, legs, shoulder, thighs, and back. To nurse such aches there are several methods, among them includes IFT machine physiotherapy.

Interferential therapy is one of the most effective forms of electrotherapy in the world of chronic pain. This treatment is much more effective than TENS and any other subsequent treatments.

The IFT machine has been increased in popularity to the point that it is perhaps the most widely used form of electricity. The machine was first developed in Europe, where its unique form of stimulation has been utilized for numerous features since the 1950s.

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What’s Interferential Therapy?

IFT offers electrotherapy for the management of chronic, post-traumatic, and post-surgical pain. This treatment has gained popularity because of its pain-free, drug-free and non-invasive way of healing. Applying it every day can offer improved results. You can even take IFT treatment at home at an affordable cost.

IFT is used for Treating:

  • Joint Injuries
  • Knee Pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Back/neck/ shoulder injuries

How IFT works?

IFT machine delivers continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue. The stimulation blocks the pain and reduces swelling and inflammation which causes pain. It provides deep penetration by using a 4000Hz carrier wave to overcome skin resistance.

joint pain

The poles work by putting two signals into the tissue at slightly different frequencies. When the two crossovers, they produce a lower frequency which is known as therapeutic current. But practically, therapists commonly use moveable electrodes to hunt for the best electrode positions.

Doing so at home without any supervision can be an issue if you are applying the therapy for the first time. Therefore it is advised to use the machine in front of a professional who can apply the current to the actual affected areas.

Previously, the machine used analog circuits and was limited to a waveform. Now, the latest version has been using a 4000Hz carrier.

You can have a look at our easily portable and compact device, Combo 3 Plus which comes along with the three most known and highly beneficial electro therapists which are Portable IFT machines. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Let’s learn about the frequencies:

  • 2Hz: this frequency stimulates metencephalons resulting in short-term pain relief.
  • 10Hz: this frequency is beneficial to the immune system that tends to make patients wakeful yet relaxed.
  • 130Hz: this frequency stimulates endorphins and results in long-term pain relief.
  • 1-100Hz: this frequency sweep will increase the inflammatory rate.
  • 45-90Hz: this frequency will reduce the sympathetic nervous system allowing increased activity of the parasympathetic system and blood supply.

What does the Treatment Includes?

You might be wondering what IFT Machine considers as a part of the whole treatment. Here are the parts of it.

  • Exercises to stretch injured muscles
  • Move stiff joints
  • Strengthen muscle groups to support the joints.

Your physiotherapist will advise you accordingly. Especially, stiff muscles are hard to deal with, hence it is important you perform exercises under a professionally trained person.


How to Operate the IFT Machine?

This therapy is mostly given to a person having neck pain, backache, knee, shoulder pain. At the beginning of the therapy connect the AC power adapter on the bottom of the unit or insert the battery. Place the electrodes to the affected area. Press the M> and M< for selecting the right modes. Now click on the Settings button to change the parameters of adjustable modes. You can adjust the programmers by + and – buttons. Adjust the intensity of the treatment by pressing CH1 or CH2 controls.

And to avoid any accidental damages click on the lock button on the side.

Who is Eligible for the Treatment?

Patients having any issue related to pain like inflammation or swelling can use this muscle stimulator machineUsing this therapy will provide instant relief to the patient. This therapy also helps in restoring lost moments and helps in improving their movement.

The machine also helps in stimulating natural body hormones that trigger certain organs and heal the pain quicker. It is considered effective when only performed under expert physicians for the first time.

IFT is also used in the sports medicine field, for athletes who get sudden pain due to heavy exercise. It is helpful when it comes to recovering quickly. But, those who are below 12 years can go this therapy only if it is prescribed by a doctor.

Not Eligible for the Treatment?

The treatment is not eligible for athletes during the endurance training, it is applicable only after the training. It cannot be given to any pregnant woman, as it may cause harm to the child. This method is not used in any muscle regaining strategy. Generally, children who are below 12 are not eligible for this therapy.

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#1 Best Muscle Stimulator Machine in India 2022

#1 Best Muscle Stimulator Machine in India 2022

joint pain

What is Muscle Stimulator Machine?

Best Muscle Stimulator machines also go by the name of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator), it is basically an electronic machine that has the ability to contract your muscles via an electrical current passed through muscles.

These electric currents may assist in pain relief but do not entirely relieve the pain. So this process acts as an alternative for healing muscle pain.

You can get pain relief, muscle reeducation, decreasing Inflammation and swelling, facilitation of tissue healing, and increasing local blood flow by electrical muscle stimulator machine.

A stimulator machine works when you attach the stick-on pieces of the equipment to the skin and use the control unit to transmit currents to the targeted muscle groups. Other devices like sensory knobs and the timer are located at the control unit to produce the electric current.

There are tools like lead wires and neurostimulator electrodes that are attached to the skin to transmit the current. The muscle stimulation machine may cause some unique sensations while turned on and applied to an affected area.

ultrasonic wave

When applied to the affected areas you might feel your muscle twitching, or feel the sensations of pins and needles or a dull tingling. These sensations only last during the process of treatment but there can be times where patients might feel them up to 30 minutes even after the therapy sessions.

Why is it important?

When people are sick, in pain, or injured, they usually seek relief in possibly the easiest and quickest ways. Technology is constantly working towards making it possible for people to relieve and cure their chronic or acute pains and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Since people are often too sick or in severe pain to move thus they prefer rehabilitation programs at the comfort of their home. Physiotherapists help and keep people healthy by providing these treatments under proper guidance. The stimulator machines usually come in three forms.

IFT – Interferential Therapy

IFT physiotherapy produces deeper stimulation which is extremely effective for chronic pain relief. It also escalates the self-healing process in the body and improves blood flow as well.

EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS is known to generate electrical pulses that help stimulate the motor neurons of the body. This process strengthens the weak or inactive muscles and restores muscle tone.

TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

The release of endorphins in the mind directly works like pain killers for the body. TENS Machine helps stimulate the nerve fibers and releases endorphins to heal the pain.

At UltraCare Pro we provide you with a single unit for these multiple therapies called combo3 plus. UltraCare Pro provides this unique device that serves multiple therapies.

It is a portable and compact device that you can even carry around with you. Combo3 plus has three most popular and highly beneficial electro therapies; IFT (Interferential Therapy), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), TENS- Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.

This product is ideal for people who are in professions that constantly require their physical strength and are prone to get injured quite often.

Best Muscle stimulator machine for your pain

Combo3 plus is one of the top-rated stimulator machines in the market currently. It is an easily portable device that comes with three electrotherapies in a single unit. It comes with two additional treatment programs for pelvic and facial stimulation.

The product guarantees a satisfactory and permanent relief. However, it is always recommended to consult your doctor before using it periodically for your pain relief.

Electrical muscle stimulator machine

Benefits of Combo3 plus

The muscle stimulator machine has numerous health benefits. Although it is an effective and easily available solution to your permanent pain relief it does require a consultation in severe cases. This product is ideal for the people involved in physical professions like sports, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Oncology, Neurology

This multi-function stimulator is a pulse generator device that can be easily adjusted with provided mode shifts.

The device comes with adjustable modes and has 42 preset programs that make it pretty easy to operate even for a layman. Thus, any individual can use it without needing any guidance from a medical professional.

The Combo3 plus produces deeper stimulation than other modalities which is highly effective for chronic pain relief. It even stimulates the self-healing process in the body and improves blood circulation in the body as well.

Combo3 plus is a clinically proven device that has a combination of muscle strengthening and pain reliving treatment modalities.

It is clinically proven to relieve conditions like various types of body pain, the pain of injuries, post-operative pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, inflammation, overactive bladder, and facial palsy or bell’s palsy.

pain reliever for senior citizen

How does Combo3 Plus work?

Combo3 plus gives you the benefit of three different electrotherapies that work towards the betterment of the body’s pain. These three modalities are TENS, EMS, and IFT physiotherapy.

TENS therapy focuses on the stimulation of the nerve fibers and the release of endorphins. Endorphins work as the body’s natural pain killers and help in healing the body’s pain and injuries quickly.

EMS works on generating the electrical pulses which get the motor neurons going. Motor neurons cause exercise to strengthen weak and inactive muscles in the body, re-educates the paralyzed muscles, and restore muscle tone.

Another major aspect of this product, Pelvic stimulation works on the inactive bladder and the Facial stimulation treats facial or Bell’s palsy.

How to use Combo3 plus?

These steps will help you understand how should you use the product:

  • Insert the battery in the unit or connect it to the AC adapter on the bottom.
  • Locate the electrodes on the painful area that you want to treat.
  • Select the modes as per your requirement.
  • Press ‘SET’ button if you want to change the parameters of adjustable modes.
  • Click on the ‘+’ & ‘-’ button if you want to adjust preset programs.
  • Press CH1 or CH2 controls to adjust the intensity of your treatment.
  • Press the ‘LOCK’ button on the side of the device in order to avoid accidental changes.

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Ultrasonic Massager- An Instant Pain Reliever Machine| UltraCare PRO

Ultrasonic Massager- An Instant Pain Reliever Machine| UltraCare PRO

If you are suffering from pain and didn’t get any results after using medicines? To stay fit and to achieve your routine work goals. You have to choose the right pain-relieving machine which can provide you drug-free treatment at home.

UltraCare PRO is here with Ultrasonic Massage Therapy for your pain.

What is Ultrasonic Therapy?

Ultrasonic massage therapy is a kind of therapy that involves the use of sound waves to treat problems in the body, especially musculoskeletal problems such as sprains, inflammation, and muscle strains. Ultrasound therapy promotes healing through deep heating to the soft tissues.

The therapy aims at increasing the blood flow in the affected areas and decreasing pain.

How does Ultrasonic Therapy Massager help?

Ultrasound or Ultrasonic massager uses the technique of increasing blood flow in swollen parts of the body offering healing. It also helps in alleviating chronic inflammation.

The ultrasonic physiotherapy machine therapy varies based on the level of intensities and frequencies of sound. However, they all share the basic principle of provoking tissue which is called stimulating with sound waves; which are above the range of human hearing. It is basically a vibration therapy in other words.

Ultrasonic therapy is an effective way of providing medication to tissues below the skin; it is the best option for patients who are not comfortable with injections. The ultrasonic energy inflicts the medication through the skin.

The ultrasound physiotherapy machine is known to cure common conditions like joint swelling, muscle spasms, and tendinitis.

Top-Rated #1 Ultrasonic Massager device for physiotherapy


ultrasonic massager, ultrasound physiotherapy machine, ultrasound physiotherapy machine in india

US 111 is one of the best-known innovations in medical science that is a safe, non-invasive, and 100% natural way of providing relief, that cures any muscle or joint sprain.

The vibration of crystals within the head of the probe in US 111 penetrates the skin up to 4 cm into muscle tissues. It generates continuous 1 MHz frequency sound waves which lead to deep healing and usually go unnoticed by the patient.

US 111 promotes muscle pain healing, reduces swelling and inflammations if treated timely and regularly. The best part about this ultrasound pain machine is that you can always adjust the intensity and mode of treatment in it, depending on the condition of the pain with the provided controllers.

This device is tested and approved by pain management professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors, and physicians. The US 111 kit comes along with an ultracool pack, instruction manual, a Nature cure ultrasound gel, one power adapter, and a sleek carrying pouch.

How does US 111 massager work?

ultrasonic massager

The electric energy converts into strong vibratory sound waves of ultrasound therapy after you place the circular ultrasound head onto the affected area after applying a transmission coupling gel. US 111 ultrasound machine for physiotherapy works diversely and cures minor to chronic issues in the body.

The generated ultrasound energy then pierces into the skin to the soft tissue resulting in causing mild vibrations and deep heating within the tissues.

This process of US 111 improves mobility in the joints and ligaments. Its therapeutic effect fastens the healing process by increasing blood circulation, scar tissue breakdown, tissue relaxation, and oxygen flow.

When to avoid ultrasound therapy?

There are some cases where ultrasound therapy becomes a subjective matter. In cases like local malignancy, local acute infection, vascular abnormalities, or metal implants inside the affected area or abdomen of pregnant women ultrasound therapy must totally be avoided.

It is instructed to avoid applying ultrasound machines directly over specific areas like active epiphyseal regions in children, over the eyes, spinal cord in the area of a laminectomy, over skull or testes.

Ultrasound equipment while used under the guidance of highly trained professionals like a physiotherapist, it is very unlikely to cause negative effects. It is even recommended to consult a physiotherapist in any of the above-mentioned cases before using ultrasound therapy.


Ultrasound is a trustworthy modality that has been used by physiotherapists since the 1940s. It is known to help with tissue relaxation and has many healing properties. Try our best ultrasound pain machine, US 111 to get rapid results.

Ultrasound machine Price

How Electrical Stimulation Is Used In Physical Therapy?

How Electrical Stimulation Is Used In Physical Therapy?

ultrasonic wave in ultrasound therapy machine

As a part of a comprehensive physical therapy program, electrical muscle stimulation is a therapeutic modality that is commonly used in physical therapy. Different types of electrical stimulation or E-stim may be used to accomplish different goals during the rehab program.

Physical therapy is generally for people who face difficulties in moving around after injury or illness. It helps them restore normal mobility. E-stim might be helpful in such cases, it can help get the body parts moving with the help of specific electrical tools and techniques.

What exactly is electrical stimulation?

Electrical stimulation or e-stim is a type of physiotherapy modality that focuses to cure the immobility caused after an injury. It is the method of elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.

Types of Electrical Stimulation

Many different types of electrical stimulation may be used to attain different physiotherapy goals. Following are such different types:

TENS Machine:

tens machine

TENS Machine Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a type of physical therapy that helps to deal with acute and chronic pain in physical therapy. This method involves applying electrodes to the body over the painful areas and passing mild electrical current. These electrical impulses reduce the pain signals and block them from going to the spinal cord and brain which helps in alleviating pain and relaxing muscles. They are even known to stimulate the production of endorphins that are the body’s natural painkillers.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES):

NMES i.e neuromuscular electrical stimulation involves using a device that sends electrical impulses to nerves. This act causes the muscles to contract and increase strength and range of motion. The contraction of the muscle doesn’t just improve muscle function it also promotes blood circulation to the areas that assist in healing. NMES even treats muscular spasms by tiring your muscles in spasm artificially and thus allowing it to relax.

Russian Stimulation

Russian stimulation is the type of electrical stimulation that executes the same task as NMES. Russian stimulation too improves muscle contraction. The only difference between the two is that Russian stim uses a waveform which is known to be a little easier to tolerate.

Interferential therapy

Interferential therapy is often used to cure pain, reduce muscle spasms, and improve localized blood flow in various muscles or tissues. The IFT machine for physiotherapy works by summing up two alternating current signals of different frequencies.


Iontophoresis is a process that involves delivering a drug into the body using a voltage gradient on the skin. It is an effective process to treat sports injuries. Different medication is induced into your body through this iontophoresis electrical stimulation to accomplish different goals. The addition of anti-inflammatory medicines during iontophoresis cures heel pain, other soft-tissue injuries, or muscle spasms.

High voltage galvanic current (HVGC)

The process of high voltage galvanic current stimulation involves the usage of high voltage and low-frequency electricity to pierce deeply into tissues. It improves blood circulation, relieves pain, cures muscle spasm, and improves joint mobility.

electrical stimulator

You have to keep in mind that several types of electrical stimulation are actually submissive treatment methods that require minimum to no effort from your side. While some e-stim requires you to be active during the process. Although electrical stimulation may be worth giving a try, it should not be the only treatment you receive during physical therapy.

Many pieces of research have shown that active involvement in a physical therapy program that may or may not include electrical stimulation gives the best results.

Precautions to take

Some risks come with electric stimulation such as muscle tearing, skin irritation, or tissue burn.

In case of muscle tear

If the intensity of electrical stimulation gets too high to handle due to which you might feel severe muscle pain resulting in a muscle tear. In that case, stop the process immediately and start the treatment for muscle injury. The treatment may include taking proper rest, rubbing ice, and elevation the body part.

In case of skin irritation

At times people with sensitive skin suffer from skin irritation while using electrical stimulation because of the electrodes underneath the skin. In case you start feeling skin irritation stop the process immediately and apply a mild lotion all over the area.

In case of a tissue burn

Tissue burns occur due to the high-intensity application of electrical stimulation. Although it is very rare and unlikely to happen, if it still happens, again, stop the procedure immediately and provide your skin with an appropriate cure at that point.


There are alternatives to the electrical stimulation, reach out to your physical therapy specialist or a doctor to understand well about the treatment you require. We would recommend you get yourself approved before trying any sort of electrical stimulation on your own.

How Does Ultrasound Therapy Help Your Body? | UltraCare Pro

How Does Ultrasound Therapy Help Your Body? | UltraCare Pro

TENS and ultrasound therapy

What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Sound has been therapeutic and known to cure the body and mind in the form of music over centuries. However, little did we know about using its technological application until the late 19th century, ultrasound has been radically used in diagnostic and therapeutic measures ever since. As we know, as a matter of fact, millions of people all over the world suffer from chronic pain making their daily lives difficult. For years, experts have been seeking solutions to tackle this problem which has led to the discovery and practice of ultrasound therapy.

Because of the numerous benefits ultrasound therapy offers it is a breakthrough for everyone and is extremely important.

Ultrasound therapy for home use

Ultrasound therapy machines for home use are portable which helps in the medical and physical procedure that uses very high-frequency sound waves, beyond the upper limit of hearing in humans; it provides a therapeutic effect and pain relief.

As per the basic physics, the sound is a form of energy and energy can be converted from one form to the other. The sound wave is mechanical energy that needs a medium of propagation and transmission like air, metal, wood, and water. The vibrations that come from these sound waves are perceived as sound in the ears, at a frequency of about 20 Hz – 20 kHz.

In ultrasound therapy, the ultrasound uses frequencies that are higher than 20 kHz. this super high-frequency wave is proven to be good for structures like ligaments, muscles, and tendons due to their positions in the body.

How ultrasound therapy works?

The ultrasound physiotherapy machines have a transducer that contains piezoelectric crystals. These crystals get exhilarated by a small electric current, leading it to emit the ultrasound waves (piezoelectric effect). For the process of healing these waves hit the various structures in the body, then they are reflected back to the crystal based on the density of the tissue or organ. This primarily has two effects:

1.Deep heating effects

when these waves hit the soft structures of the body, they generate heat. The generated heat helps improve blood circulation and oxygen of that part of the body. Blood has many nutrients and nourishing abilities that helps promote the healing and growth of the injured structures there. It also helps in reducing pain, joint stiffness, inflammation, and any muscle spasms.

2.Non-thermal effects (Cavitation)

a Sound is a form of energy so when it is introduced with the body, microscopic bubbles around the tissues expand and contract very fast which produces cavitation. This helps to speed up the cellular processes that the body undergoes, thereby facilitating healing.

how to work sonictens

Is there any side effect of using ultrasound therapy?

There’s no medical procedure that comes with 0% risk. However, there are some extremely low-risk routine procedures and ultrasound therapy fortunately is one of them. Ultrasound therapy is safe for all age groups and special groups like pregnant women too. The home ultrasound machine uses pulsed ultrasonic waves that have been proven to be safe. On the other hand, the ultrasound machine for medical diagnostics, which use continuous-wave which produces an increased risk to the person. 

The rare side effects are mild heating and tissue vaporization. There are some precautions you must take into consideration like never using ultrasound therapy on an open wound, around the eyes or other sensitive areas.

Can Ultrasound therapy be harmful?

The home ultrasound therapy is totally safe, harmless and painless. When you keep the probe on one spot of your body that might cause some discomfort, which is why it should be moving slowly and not remain static. However, ultrasound therapy definitely does not hurt.

How to use an ultrasound therapy machine at home?

Below are the steps to use ultrasound therapy machine at home:

  • Read the manual: Machines always come with manual, written instructions on how to operate them. Likewise, with the ultrasound machine, you would want to know the required preparations you need to carry out before you begin the therapy. The process may involve connecting the machine to the power outlet, ensuring the gel is ready for use, and leaving a damp towel you would need to clean up after the session is over.
  • Apply the gel: Gently put the gel on the parts of the body you want to focus this treatment on which will ensure that the body part is adequately primed to receive the revitalizing therapy of the home therapeutic ultrasound machine.
  • The therapeutic session: Place the probe of the ultrasound on the affected areas where you have already put the gel after the preparatory phase. Start moving the head over the place slowly. You can either do it in a circular motion of linear fashion whichever is convenient for you. It should cover a skin surface area of about 1 inch per second. While moving over the bony prominences take caution since that can cause you a little discomfort.
  • Post-session clean up: After finishing the session of about 20-25 minutes, clean the areas that have had therapy with the damp towel. Along with that, remove any extra gel from the body and clean the machine with a cloth, as a part of the care for it. Then put off the machine from the power source.

physiotherapy machine kit


With this amount of information you can certainly decide what is right for you, the home physiotherapy ultrasound machine cures the affected areas with regular 10-15 minutes session. Generally, this method of ultrasound therapy is safe and has been used as a form of physical therapy for years now. The machine is helped a countless number of people while promoting healing and wellness. Make sure you make a wise investment in yourself.