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Woman suffering from pain in knee joint.

Arthritis is often defined as join inflammation and stiffness, causing pain. Usually people associate this condition with old age, however, this is not the case. In this day and age, arthritis can strike a person of any age-group due to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Often its signs go unread and people end up suffering more. So here are early symptoms of arthritis and natural ways of curing it.

Common signs
1. Joint pain


Usually people do not pay much heed to joint pain, considering to be a resultant of either old age or exertion. However, it is one of the dominant signs of arthritis and should not be taken lightly. Pain lasting for weeks, especially the ones that worsen with weather changes and mood swings can lead to arthritis. Another factor to notice is symmetrical joint pain. When both your knees, feet, ankles or elbows hurt together, it is a strong sign of arthritis. Also, the capillaries of the affected area get widened due to inflammation causing redness around the joints.

2. Joint Swelling and tenderness


There are certain reasons of experiencing joint swelling. It could be because of arthritis and as well as due to injury or inflammation. If the swelling lasts longer along with joint tenderness, then it can qualify as a symptom of arthritis. During arthritis, inflammation irritates joint capsule and, lining becomes too tender. Mild pressure from the outside can also cause extreme pain.

3. Joint stiffness


If you feel stiffness around your joints especially in the morning, then there are very high chances of you being a victim of arthritis. Stiffed joints cause limitation in joint movements and prevent motion.

4. Fatigue

People suffering from arthritis often experience excessive fatigue that is clubbed with lack of energy and sleep deprivation.

Natural remedies
1. The right food


Have more of omega-3 rich food as it can lower inflammation, bringing relief from pain. Flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts are ideal picks. Apart from that, have more of anti-oxidant meals to give your body enough nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds. Green leafy vegetables, berries, papaya, avocado and pineapple are highly recommended. Besides, have more of turmeric and ginger.

2. Lose weight


More of the times, heavy weight causes more pressure to the joints, worsening the pain. So get going with the exercise and maintain an ideal weight to reduce joint pain. Apart from that, staying active in general is also necessary to maintain mobility of joints.

3. Hot and cold therapy


A warm early morning bath can bring relief from stiffness of joints. Use of heating pad can also help in bringing relief from joint pain. On the other hand, cold therapy is helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation.

4. Physiotherapy

physio - 4

A tried and tested treatment formula for arthritis is Physiotherapy. TENS and Ultrasound are reliable modalities to get relief from arthritis and chronic pain. Apart from being natural and drug-free, it is also free from side-effects.