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Arm Pain

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Can you think of a single task that does not include the use of your arms? Difficult isn’t it? To execute any work, we need our arms to be in constant motion and if they become stiff and painful, living life seems impossible.

Composition of the Arm Joint?

Arm, the part of the upper limb between our shoulder and elbow joints known as ‘Upper arm’ and the other part from our elbow to the hand known as ‘Forearm’ when becomes painful can impart its pain to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, even down to the fingers and can swell up or become stiff, depending upon the severity.

Did you know?

“The upper arm bone is called the humerus or, jokingly, the funny bone.”

Three long bones linked by a hinge joint at the elbow, make our arm. There are two major muscles in the upper arm known as the biceps (which bends the elbow) and the triceps (which straightens it).

Sources of Arm Pain

A fall, a traumatic injury, or repetitive movement for work are some of the common causes of arm pain. Any abnormalities or injury of the skin, nerves, bones, joints, blood vessels and soft tissues of the arm can develop pain in the arm joint leading to severe other painful conditions like arthritis, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder etc. If you experience pain in the left arm along with chest ache, dizziness, and shortness of breath, it can be a sign of heart attack that requires immediate medical care.

What to do when pain encounters?

The reasons for pain in the right arm or both can be due to various reasons but to give it a rest of to treat it naturally the following basic and easy home care treatments can help:

Pain is a sign that your arm needs rest. Avoid moving your arm for a few days and see the pain go away.

Wrap a compression bandage or elastic bandage to reduce swelling and encourage healing.

Warm up a little sesame, mustard, coconut, or olive oil and rub on the affected area using gentle pressure.

Using UltraCare PRO’s ultrasound machine – US 111 will help improve the blood circulation in your arms and allow it to heal naturally.

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