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ankle pain

A hinge joint that allows us to move our foot up and down, our ankle , is more prone to injuries and sprains due to the constant usage. You never know when suddenly it twists leaving you with ankle pain and swelling all day long.

Sports is one of the major ankle pain reasons that lead to ankle sprains and injuries. Sprained ankles alone have been estimated to constitute up to 30% of injuries seen in sports medicine clinics. Running, football, tennis or even walking at times recurring  ankle pain cause which needs extreme care and attention. But, just because our ankle joint is prone to get hurt doesn’t mean we must stop doing what we love, right? Hence, here are some preventive measures following which, you can avoid any such ankle tragedies. Take a look.

Warm your ankle up – Don’t just get started with any exercise or sports directly. Stretch and jog a little to warm up your ankle muscles and start slowly.

Ditch those heels – Ladies, those high heels or stilettos you like to flaunt can give you pain in ankle a lifetime pain. Due to the lack of stability on those spiked heels, you may even break an ankle bone. Better, wear shoes with a wide, low, flared heel or lateral post shoes, like running sneakers. If you really can’t let go heels, make sure you buy one no higher than 1-½ inches.

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Focus on your footwear – You may think there are so many varieties of footwear what does it matter in wearing any. Well, guess what, shoes and ankle pain are related a lot. Athletes must wear comfortable footwear according to their sports. If your shoes get worn out replace it immediately, in fact, avid runners or walkers should replace shoes every six months. Those whose feet have low arches should choose shoes that provide support in both the front of the shoe and under the arch while those with a stiffer foot or high arches should choose shoes with more cushion and a softer platform. Also, use proper shoe inserts and insoles as they not only provide shock absorption but will also prevent your ankle joint from rolling.

Avoid uneven surfaces – Cobblestone pathways, bumpy hillsides with loose gravel, shifting sand etc., can roll your ankle badly. Walking or running on such uneven surfaces in spite of wearing protective shoes can cause of ankle pain.

For ankle pain relief, work on your ankles slowly – Don’t put pressure on your ankle muscles all of a sudden. The time spent on the activity like a gym, ankle pain exercises or any sports count should be increased gradually over a period of weeks to build the strength and mobility of your ankle.

Shed those extra kilos – Being overweight can put extra pressure on your ankle joints which can increase the progression of arthritis as well. Hence, maintain a healthy weight and keep your ankles strong and flexible.

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Prevent recurring injuries – If you have a history of ankle injury or have experienced ankle pain and swelling before, you must wear ankle supports, sports bandages or compression socks to prevent the history of ankle pain from repeating.

Watch while you sit – Yes, your sitting position can also trigger ankle pain. If you have the habit of sitting with your feet crossed behind you and pointed down, please avoid that because it puts pressure on your toes that can lead to ankle stiffness and soreness. Better, sit at a desk and keep your feet flat.

In a nutshell

Listen to your body. If your ankle joint is hurting while doing any activity like walking, running, simply stop doing it at once or modify it. Keep your electrotherapy machine-like SONICTENS or US 111 device handy to relieve any kind of sudden ankle pain relief without injury or with injury at the very moment.