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Trapezius muscle is a large diamond shape muscle that moves scapula and supports the arms and the neck. Pain and inflammation caused in this muscle is defined as Trapezitis. It leads to inflammation in neck and/ or spasm and pain.

A healthy Trapezius muscle plays a vital role in lifting the head and making shoulder movements. So when the same seems to be troublesome, it can be considered as a symptoms of Trapezius. Other symptoms include pain post long working or driving hours, pain in the forearm and/ or base of the skull and tightness in the neck muscles.

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Causes of Trapezius pain

1) Long working hours

Those who are involved in desk jobs that too of long hours, usually complain about stiff or painful neck. It is because the Trapezius muscle feels excessive pressure. It could be because of sitting for long and as well as due to less neck movements. On the contrary, poor postures worsen the situation.

2) Carrying Heavy Weight

If you travel frequently or carry heavyweight on a regular basis then chances of your Trapezius muscle being irritated are high. Apart from that, if you light heavyweight without observing proper posture then you may hurt the muscle and become a victim of upper Trapezius pain. So if you are to lift weight, give timely breaks to your muscle or shift the sides time and again to avoid pain.

3) Sleeping hour

If you sleep with your head turned on one side for long, you might experience muscle stiffness once you are up. Also, sleeping in awkward position  and places can cause Trapezius pain. Though the pain and stiffness don’t last long it is better to be careful about the posture. Another contributing factor is use of thick pillow. It can harm the harmony of the muscles in the neck and back, leading to pain.

4. Fatigue and stress

At times, overexertion and stress cause tension in the muscle which leads to spasm or inflammation. In certain cases it is observed that stress or fatigue first cause headache and then neck pain starts. Resting well and relaxing can be of great help here.

  Remedies to Relief Trapezius pain

1) Cervical Collar

Use of soft Cervical Collar can help in restricting neck movements and in turn bringing relief from the pain. It doesn’t completely hold the neck and shoulder, keeping the muscles active. But do not get addicted to it as it can further damage the muscles.

2) Massage

good massage of olive oil can bring relief from the stiffness and pain. Some people also use warm coconut oil to massage the affected area.

3) Ice therapy

Rubbing ice on and around the neck can curb inflammation and ease pain.

4) Physical therapy

Regular exercising or Physiotherapy Treatment can bring back the flexibility of the muscle along with eliminating pain.

Things you should keep in mind

  1. Balanced diet and regular stretching should be adopted
  2. Avoid tight bra straps
  3. Avoid breast feeding a baby with slouched shoulders
  4. Do not talk on the phone for long with bended neck