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Ever heard of a technique that gives relief from pain without any medications and side effects? That’s Electrotherapy! When a pain claims our life be it a minor sprain or a chronic muscle or joint discomfort, none of us likes to take heavy doses of medications, steroids or injections or undergo hardcore exercises and terrifying surgeries to get rid of it that ultimately are temporary solutions. Thankfully, there is one such discovery of medical science called Electrotherapy which has made it possible for our body to heal naturally and quickly without any side effects and return to the pain-free state permanently.

Electrotherapy is the way of treating pain naturally with the help of energy (electrical, sound, light, magnetic, temperature). It has been a major component of physiotherapy machine since the early days. With time, physiotherapy equipment has undergone a good amount of remarkable changes and is continuing to do so. There are modalities and devices specifically designed for them to treat numerous minor, major to chronic pain, injuries, and aches. All it requires is the right method, at the right time for the right reason.

Different modalities are used for different conditions while some work best when used in combination with others. UltraCare PRO offers five such modalities namely ultrasound therapy, TENS therapy, IFT physiotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation along with pelvic and facial stimulation in different devices namely, US 111, SONICTENS and Combo3 Plus for individual or professional use.

Ultrasound Therapy

A treatment modality that has been used by physiotherapists since the 1940s is a therapy in which the ultrasound technique is used for treating chronic pain and various kinds of disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and acute injuries. It makes the use of ultrasound waves in order to target the problems on the affected area that are present deep inside the body without breaking the skin’s surface.

Ultrasound therapy is an effective way to treat musculoskeletal injuries, joint pains, soft tissue injuries, and a restricted range of movements that occur at a depth of 1cm to 5cm underneath the skin. The deep heating from it restores the normal blood flow in the affected area, relaxes the muscles and triggers the self-healing process.


The abbreviation for Transcutaneous (means through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a method of electrical stimulation that involves the use of low-frequency electric currents of 0 – 150 Hz to treat pain. The battery operated stimulator along with electrodes (pads) which stick to the skin, passes the electrical current into the painful area and block the pain signals travelling along the nerve pathway to the brain. It also triggers the brain to release the body’s natural painkiller called endorphins, thus promoting faster healing of the affected area.

TENS therapy first received its serious consideration from the medical community in the 1960s and is today the most known treatment modality that can be used to treat acute (short-term) pain that includes back and neck pain, pulled muscles, post-operative recovery and others.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS is another treatment modality that is used to strengthen weak muscles. It completely works on muscular recovery. It enhances muscle performance and increases the blood circulation around it and can help build muscle, improve power, increase endurance, reduce soreness and prevents muscle atrophy.

Only 30% of all our muscle fibres are in a state of contraction normally, while the remaining 70% are asleep waiting for their turn when the contracting fibres fatigue. EMS machine electrically stimulates these resting muscle fibres to improve their strength. The electrical impulses generated from it penetrates deep into the muscles and reproduces the body’s natural process to strengthen muscles.


Interferential Therapy, an advanced form of TENS, is already in practice for many years by now and is used widely in many physiotherapy clinics and is highly recommended and preferred over TENS for treating chronic pains permanently.

The two separate electrical frequencies of IFT physiotherapy when crossover, produces the interference current of 4000 Hz (high frequency) which reaches the skin deeply to help relieve chronic pain and accelerate the self-healing process, thus enabling our body to get back to a healthy and pain-free state.

Interferential current also stimulates the secretion of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers, thus relaxes strained muscles and promoting soft-tissue healing. It is used to relieve chronic pain, increase blood flow, reduce swelling.



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