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Milk and its cousins’ cheese, butter, ghee, buttermilk, cottage cheese, ice cream and so on are the favorites of each one of us and are present in the everyday diet for almost all of us. Milk is such a primary source of nutrition that it is considered as the topmost remedy for curing quite a couple of diseases likes cold, fever, heartburn, bone etc., but, did you know it can do wonders for arthritis patients? Just that it has to be the right milk.

You may ask what does right milk means? The white liquid that we drink every day comes in two different types with totally different benefits, unknown of which we consume and if something goes wrong, we blame the milk.

For a person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, diet plays a very important factor and if you ask which is the best beverage for arthritis, then according to the experts, not just a regular glass of milk but Organic or Desi Milk is the right milk to heal arthritis. Here’s why.

80% of milk is made up of a protein component called Casein and both industrial and organic milk are packed with beta-casein i.e a chain of 209 amino acids, the composition of which in each milk, make it different.

Regular or commercially-prepared milk comes from the most common cow breed while the desi or organic milk is produced by ‘old-fashioned’ cows. Both possess beta casein but it’s the presence and good positioning of an amino acid called pro line in desi milk which makes it a very nutritional, extremely beneficial and a healthy milk for all age groups.

Why Organic or Desi Milk Is The Right Milk?
When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis diet, organic or desi milk is said to be the best solution for arthritis treatment due to its incredible benefits. Since the ‘old-fashioned’ cows are fed grass or organically cultivated fodder, their milk is chemical-free and healthier than compared to the commercial ones which are adulterated.

Moreover, the structure of organic milk is more comparable to a mother’s milk, which has all the necessary protein and antibodies to help one stay healthy. With several tests conducted with industrial and organic milk, studies show that arthritis patients who consumed desi milk regularly have seen a great reduction in the inflammatory sensation of arthritis than those who consumed regular milk.

Although milk is famous for imparting strength to the bones, organic or desi milk makes the knee joints healthier and stronger even more and delays the progression of arthritis fairly well.

In a nutshell, milk is and always a good source of nutrition to the human body and must be included in the everyday diet no matter what, just that it has to be the right one i.e the pure and unadulterated organic or desi milk.