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How many times have you skipped workouts due to achy joints? Almost 2-3 times a week? They break your routine and you end up repenting.

The joints in our body play an incredible role while inducing a great amount of stress. They help us move, act as a connection point of our bones as well as a support system of our body weight. But any kind of excess physical activity can make things uncomfortable for them and the worst, it may lead to wear and tear of them as well.

Exercise is very crucial for everyone, irrespective of their age. It helps us to be functional, avoids any stiffness due to inactivity, and also strengthens the muscles around the joints. The exercise pain can be of any joint, in any form. It can be a joint pain after working out or a knee joint pain. The answer to your question, ‘what causes muscle pain after exercise?’ is because when the muscles are required to work harder than they’re used to or in a different way, temporary microscopic damages occur to the muscle fibres, resulting in muscle soreness/stiffness due to the increased blood flow and inflammation. Thus the area becomes sensitive to any kind of movement.

However, not to worry as the below-mentioned tips shall help you prevent joint pain during exercise. 
Mind your workout. Not all the exercises are for everyone. High-impact exercises shall not be performed by the people having conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis and severe back pain. Choose your workout carefully without stressing your joints.

Right technique is the key. You may not know everything about your workout. Small mistakes can end in big injuries. Take help from your fitness trainer or seek advice from the professional.

Never ever skip your warm-up. Most people often make this mistake. Exercising without warming up your muscles will only increase joint pain. A thorough warm-up is important as it helps in tissue flexibility and joint mobility.
Skipping stretching post workout will make your joint pay later. During exercise, muscles tend to become tight and if not stretched, it causes more inflammation of joints. Be sure to hold each stretch for about 20-30 seconds.

The joints in your body act as a connection. Hence, it is important that you have a pair of perfect footwear as they are capable enough of providing stability and cushion against the movement you make and save your joints from aggravating the pain.

Stay hydrated. Sweating causes loss of essential fluids from the body. Have a glass of water before you start your workout and keep sipping a little at regular intervals of 15 minutes in between.

Maintain an ideal body weight for your joint health. Excess body weight puts stress on your joints. Weighing healthy is as important as exercising regularly. Save your joints from carrying extra pounds and eventually suffering discomfort.

The health of joints is improved by reducing inflammation. Intake anti-inflammatory and protein-rich foods to relieve muscle pain after a workout.

Correct therapy matters. Know when to apply ice or heat. Application of ice pack immediately after the injury for 15-20 minutes can reduce the tissue swelling. Whereas, warm water helps alleviate the joint pain, which in turn stimulates the blood flow. Or pick the best option for sore muscles treatment – Electrotherapy. Its handy devices can give you instant relief from any kind of joint aches and muscle pains naturally without any side-effects.

The above tips shall definitely help you cure sore muscles, reduce and prevent joint pain. Being alert and taking utmost care shall help minimize the chances of you getting injured.