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Back Pain

Does your hand reach out to your back each time you sit or get up? Does the stabbing pain in the lower back prevent you from getting good sleep at night? Yes, back pain kills and anyone can go crazy finding a way to get rid of it.

Back pain can make anyone restless at any time. The lifetime prevalence of non-specific (common) low back pain is estimated at 60% to 70% in industrialized countries. But it doesn’t mean you have to live with back pain forever because the majority of back pain is due to the lifestyle and our lack of care which is done right, can erase the presence of discomfort or pain from the back for good.

Here are the 6 practically proven ways that will give you good relief from back pain.

  1. Watch your posture

The desk job and sedentary lifestyle even after work hours, top the reasons behind back pain nowadays. It is due to the slouched posture and continuous sitting our back and spine undergo a lot of pressure and stress that ultimately results in sharp stabbing pain especially in the lower back.

Remember to correct your posture now and then. Take breaks, walk, move around. Place a pillow as a back support while sitting or use an ergonomic chair.

  1. Work on your back

If you think rest will help your back pain then you are wrong.  In fact, back pain exercises are the best way to treat and get rid of back pain. Work on your core and back muscles, practice back strengthening exercises and stretches to keep your back intact. Yoga is also a good option. It will relax the tension and stiffness of your back muscles and improve the range of motion of them.

  1. Change your mattress and sleeping position

Back Pain

The mattress you are using can be a bigger contributor to your back pain. Invest in a good and firm king-size mattress. Also, check whether it’s the sleeping position of yours that causing the discomfort. Avoid sleeping flat on your back, if that’s your position then sleep placing a pillow under your knees and one under your lower back. Though the recommended position is to sleep sideways with your knees pulled up slightly toward your chest or with a pillow in between your knees, if you must sleep on your stomach, put a pillow under your lower abdomen to help take stress off your back.

  1. Maintain ideal weight

Excess weight can make your back pain worse as the weight of extra pounds will put a strain on your lower back. Shed it away it is beyond 10 pounds of your ideal weight.

  1. Reduce stress and quit smoking

Stress and smoking both can affect our overall health badly. Constant stress can trigger severe back pain while smoking narrows blood vessels reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients reaching the spine.

  1. Make some changes in your lifestyle
  • Avoid lifting things by bending your back, squat down, with your back straight, and place your hands under the object and lift with your legs. Seek help if needed.
  • Carry weights equally, whether on shoulder or hands.
  • Soak in vitamin D and have a healthy diet
  • Lighten your wallet. Sitting on an overstuffed wallet can cause discomfort and back pain.
  • Wear good comfortable shoes because if the ankle and foot are not well-supported, all the bodyweight will then shift among the knee, back and hip which will put a lot of stress on the back especially.
  • Ladies, avoid those high heels. 


There are certain back pain home remedies and other solutions available which can make back pain go away but nothing can work better and as effective as the Physiotherapy machine where the combination of ultrasound and TENS will treat your back naturally, safely and permanently. To know more about back pain causes, symptoms and treatment options click here.