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What is Arthritis? A very common disease however often misunderstood. To put simply, joint pain and inflammation of joints is Arthritis. Although, inflammation generated internally helps prevent disease and keep infection away, however, when the immune system goes awry attacking the joints; things get worse and this may lead to uncontrolled inflammation of joints.

Arthritis pain affects 15% of people i.e. over 180 million people in India. There are more than 100 types of arthritis and the disease is so dreadful that it may even cause a permanent change in joints and people affected by arthritis can be of any age, race, and gender.

The symptoms may be very severe, moderate or mild or can even be the same for years. Any part of the body could be affected and the early symptoms of arthritis include:
1. Chronic joint inflammation
2. Swelling, pain, tenderness or redness of joint
3. Deformity and restricted movement of joints
4. An early symptom can also be a viral fever
5. Morning stiffness or stiffness after a prolonged period of physical inactivity
6. Fatigue, limping or depression as well

The treatment of arthritis aims at controlling pain, minimizing the damage to joints, preserving mobility, and improving the functioning and quality of life. A treatment involves any or combination of medications, physical or occupational therapies, joint assistive aids, joint replacement, awareness of disease and support to a patient. An arthritic patient not only needs physical help at times but also mental and emotional support as well. Living with arthritis pain itself is a challenge after all.

Arthritis treatments depend upon the course and the type of arthritis and avoiding or skipping them is really a bad idea as they help in modulating the pain, thus lessening it. There is indeed a list of common treatment mistakes of Arthritis that should be avoided for better health and the list includes:
1. Not getting timely treatment thinking there is no cure to it. Active lifestyle and some therapies do reduce the effect of arthritis to a great extent.

2. Not taking proper rest. We understand you have a busy schedule but it is important to take breaks in between to relax your joints.
Woman Relaxing In Hammock Against Wall At Yard

3. A sedentary lifestyle is another big mistake that should be taken care of. Being sedentary will only add to stiffness, pain and fatigue. Get into action, exercise, do some light physical activity, but at the same time, rest at regular intervals is also necessary along with exercising.

4. Smoking and consumption of alcohol will only slow down the chances of you responding to any treatment. Avoid it even you not under any treatment.

5. Discontinuing usage of electrotherapy machine after some sessions. It is advisable to keep using it to avoid the return of pain and discomfort associated with arthritis.

6. Last but not least; ignore negative emotions by all means. That’s right because arthritis and depression go hand-in-hand, living with a chronic disease leads to depression which is very common.

All in all, lead a healthy lifestyle and make sure to go for regular appointments. Living with arthritis is definitely difficult; however, a combination of drugs, positively, regular exercise and Physiotherapy, will help and lessen the effects.

Stay pain-free, stay happy!