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Swelling Causes
Sometimes we do sustain an injury but are left behind with a swelling that makes it difficult to carry out even our everyday activities. And once it rises up, it refuses to go down anytime soon, right? Then, how to reduce swelling fast? Don’t worry we have curated the 5 best natural ways through which you can get rid of swelling as soon as possible. Take a look.

Swelling Causes
Swelling is nothing but an enlargement of just about any area of the body. It is, in fact, our body’s natural reaction to an injury. When we get hurt, our body accumulates excess fluid in the area to help protect damaged tissues from further injury. However, if excess fluid gets collected, it may move into the spaces between cells and interrupt regular blood flow, resulting into swelling or edema and pain. Swelling could also be the result of a sprain or strain on your joints, it can also be environmental or hormonal, or the result of an allergic reaction.

Why to Treat Swelling?
• Too much swelling can slow down healing.
• Untreated inflammation can lead to further swelling.
• Excess swelling can be uncomfortable and can even restrict the range of motion.

5 Tips to Getting Rid of Swelling

1. Rest
deep sleep, res
Try not to irritate or re-injure the swollen area. Keep the particular injured swollen area away from any kind of activity. Rest the area for at least a few days.

2. Compression
You can either provide a cold compress or apply pressure to an injured area to help reduce swelling by restricting the flow of blood and other fluids. For that, wrap an ice pack in a towel and hold to the affected area several times for about 15-20 mins. Or wear compression stockings or apply compression with static/elastic bandages. Make sure to adjust the pressure as the swelling increases and decreases.

3. Keep it Elevated

It is very important to raise the swollen area above the level of the heart as it will help improve circulation, as well as reduce the extent of swelling and pain. Make use of soft pillows and keep the injured area elevated while sleeping.

4. Medication
If you want instant swelling pain relief, medications like NSAIDs are recommended as they reduce the inflammation in the body and alleviate pain caused by an injury. Still, it is advisable to consult a doctor first and then pop them in.

5. Therapy
physiotherapy machine, electro therapy
To get the best benefit and natural relief without any side effects, go for Electrotherapy. To release the accumulated fluid and improve the blood flow, electrotherapy devices are the best solutions. They accelerate the healing process by relaxing the spasms and reducing the swelling and pain of the injured area within few minutes.