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Depression-inside, inner darkness, depression
Depression, a 10 letter word is powerful enough to end a person’s life. It is an inner darkness that gradually affects an individual’s life significantly without anyone’s notice.

Never ever mistake depression as a disease or a mood disorder. Loss of interest in doing anything, willing to isolate oneself, feeling sad for no reason, and getting irritated or angry, if any of these symptoms persist over a long period of time than it is the sign of depression that can badly affect mental health.

The findings of the World Health Organization (WHO) states that around 350 million people are affected by depression, globally. Depression sees no age. Pregnancy depression or postpartum depression, depression in children anyone can be a victim. But whatever the type be, it can certainly be treated. However, there is no particular duration as to how long a depression will last.

How to overcome depression?
persona-incognita, overcome depression
The very nature of depression will hold you back from reaching out for help. There is no quick-fix and things take time. It all starts with one step. A step towards positivity and healing. Remember that God helps those who help themselves. Only you can make up your mind to get out of depression.

How to cure depression?
cure depression, dark depression, healthy family
Getting support plays a crucial role in fighting depression. Go for a walk and talk while you walk. Take with you some company or grab your phone and call the person who will never judge you but will listen to all that you have to say. Staying connected is important. Keep in touch with every possible person you know and with whom you can talk to. This will include your family, your loved ones, social groups, friends, relatives, and every person you know. Family therapy definitely works because they know you inside out. So, never miss the opportunity of meeting someone and interacting in person.

Another way of helping yourself is by helping others. Be a good listener and a confidant. When you provide support to others, it acts as a mood booster making you cheerful. Join social groups and support groups. Being with people will never make you isolated. Take part and be a volunteer in social or fun activities. Take your friend out for a movie or a concert or meet over a cup of coffee.

An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), is another form of mental illness where people have a tendency of repetitive behaviors. Rechecking the things, repeating the routines, and re-thinking are all the symptom of OCD which is basically an anxiety disorder and can be treated in the same way as the depression. OCD people often tend to become anxious and experience major depressive episodes. Here, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (talking therapy) can help deal with anxiety and depression.

Yoga-and-Meditation, stay healthy
To fight depression and anxiety, you need a healthy body. Keep a check on the quality of your life. Set your sleeping schedule. Aim for 8 hours of sleep neither too much nor less. Try and figure out all the things that cause stress, it can be anything, from work overload to relationships and keep them at bay as stress eventually worsens depression. Indulge in relaxation techniques and join a meditation or yoga class or even a gym would do. In short, stay healthy and stress-free.

life style
Apart from the above-mentioned ways of treating depression, one can also go for depression counselling. It helps alleviate the symptoms and makes the person feel better. The natural treatment or home remedies for depression include changing the lifestyle, behaviour, and thinking. In short, the key is to stay positive and take an initiative towards a happy you.