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Knee, back, neck, shoulder, leg, we encounter pain in every other joint of our body, almost every day. And what do we do? Apply a pain relief gel, cream or spray or take a painkiller and let it go. But, does the joint pain really go away? No, and it never will.

Pain in the joints is not something to be taken lightly. Experimenting with different joint pain treatment methods and delaying proper and right treatment will only make it worse. Avoiding joint pain can even make you lose the range of motion of your joints. Scary, but it is the truth. Then, what can be done to protect your joints and keep them in good shape? The answer is nothing, but we all know – “Exercise.”

The common questions that arise upon hearing the word exercise are, “whether it is safe to exercise when in pain?” or “how to exercise when the joints are aching, won’t it worsen further?” No, in fact, the more you keep your joints unused, the sooner you will become incapable of moving them at all.

Take a look at the benefits of exercises for joint pain, and you will know.
Joint pain exercises;
● Make the joints flexible and strong.
● Aids in losing weight which means less pressure on the joints.
● Help relieve pain and joint stiffness.
● Improve joint function and range of motion.
● Stimulate the blood flow into the joints.
● Give more energy to get through the day
● Strengthen the bones and muscles.
● Make it easier to get a good night’s sleep and to stay in a good mood.

We understand that when chronic joint pain and stiffness conquer the joints, even the thought of getting up and moving feels painful. But, no joint pain can be defeated sitting on a couch. Don’t freak out as to keep your joints healthy and active; you don’t need to run a marathon in a day, the below-mentioned few simple exercises are enough.

1. Swimming

Water supports our body weight and lifts the strain off painful joints allowing us to move them more fluidly. Hence swimming, water aerobics, and other gentle water exercises are good for joint pain relief. They increase flexibility, range of motion, strength, and aerobic conditioning; they even help in weight control, boost mood, and improve sleep; in short, it is suitable for overall health.

2. Strength training

With time our joint become weak; hence, it is necessary to keep them healthy by practicing strength training exercises. There are various joint strengthening exercises that you can easily practice every day without any help.

3. Pilates

A low-impact activity, Pilates, is apt for people living with arthritis. Pilates stabilizes the joints and focuses on strengthening and improving control of muscles around them. These low-impact arthritis exercises can ease pressure on your hips and other joints.

4. Walking

Need not to say; walking is something we do every day, all the time. It is free, simple, need no training, and is very much beneficial. You can do it almost anywhere. Walking not just ease the stress and pain in the joints, it also helps in losing extra pounds, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure in check, lift your mood, and lower your risk for several diseases. A well-fitting and supportive pair of shoes is all you need to get started. Start with walking for about 10-15 minutes at a time and slowly walk farther and faster, until you’re walking for 30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week.

5. Homely activities

There are various ways to make your joints fit, strong, and active at home only. Start your joint pain treatment at home by getting engaged in gardening, cycling, yoga, tai chi, house cleaning, etc.

In a nutshell
Whatever the joint pain causes may be or whatever the joint you are facing discomfort with, keeping them active is the best solution to alleviate the pain, stiffness, soreness, and swelling out of it. Just, start slow, hydrate, don’t overdo, take rest, relax, and use electrotherapy machine – SONICTENS to keep joint pain at bay.