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Pain of Neck and Back

Today’s lifestyle is 9 hours of sitting in front of the computer and other hours on mobile and what we get out of it in the end? Neck and back pain.

There is nothing to blame but our sedentary lifestyle for all the aches and pains. Today, we have no time for anything healthy, be it taking a walk, eating or sleeping, but have time for browsing or scrolling things on computers, laptops or mobile. Sitting or lying, we are constantly into any of them so engrossed that we even forget to take a break or stretch a bit due to which it is our back and neck that suffer the most.

Due to ignorance and stressful schedule, the minor backache and pain in the back of the neck that you might be feeling sometimes can turn into chronic pain for a long time. But, there are solutions to every pain and discomfort and before discussing the treatments, here are the possible causes of neck and back pain.

  • Poor posture
  • Lack of muscle stretch
  • Constant use of mobile and computer
  • Disc herniation
  • Sprains and strains
  • Trauma or injury

Now, let’s see some simple yet effective neck and back pain home remedies that need a very less effort and time from your side.

  1. Take a break

Pain of Neck and Back

You might wonder how taking a break can be a remedy? Well, guess what, taking a break from your stressful schedule, stretching your muscles, moving around, and relaxing, all these can actually bring down the intensity of neck and back pain to an extent you cannot imagine as the muscles won’t get stiff and there will a good blood circulation as well. Remember, workloads can be postponed but health cannot.

  1. Acupuncture

Pain of Neck and Back

The old traditional Chinese treatment method, acupuncture involves the insertion of fine sterile needles into specific points that run along lines of energy called meridians. The energy, which the Chinese call “qi” (pronounced “chee”) flows in a healthy, harmonious body and when it gets stuck somewhere, we feel discomfort in that particular area. Hence, the purpose of inserting needles into the points is to break that knots and get the qi flowing again. Acupuncture works well for chronic pain as it goes deep into the issue.

  1. Massage

Another excellent remedy for neck and back pain relief is a good, deep massage. Those stiff muscles and ligaments of your neck and back need a relaxation now and then and what can be better than a pair of hands of a professional masseur? Seek someone who knows the pressure points well so that backache and pain in the back of the neck, both goes away.

  1. Exercise

fitness, sport, training and lifestyle concept – smiling couple stretching outdoors

The more you keep moving, the healthier you will be. Don’t just lie down because you have back or neck pain, it will only cause more stiffness. Exercise regularly. Practice neck and back pain exercise focusing on improving their strength, mobility and flexibility.

  1. Ultrasound & TENS therapy

pain relief

Why take two different treatments for neck and back pain when you can treat both using one device? Yes, SONICTENS, an electrotherapy machine that is a combination of therapeutic ultrasound and TENS unit, is one compact and sleek device that can work on multiple painful conditions. They help the brain produce its own painkillers called endorphins which ultimately eliminates the nagging neck and back pain well and good, naturally without any side effects.


No matter what treatment you opt for, neck and back pain will keep coming if you don’t make necessary changes in your habits and lifestyle like maintaining a good posture, keeping your neck and spine in an aligned position, adjusting the monitor height and keyboard placement to your level, limiting phone or laptop usage, stretching in between, moving around etc. After all, care today is healthy tomorrow.