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A tough day affects your mood as well as your body. Usually stress and muscle tension cause tightness of shoulders. It has a tendency of irritating you and you might also feel uneasiness. So to help you with this troublemaker, here are 5 exercises that you can practice at your convenience.

1. Shoulder Rolls:

shoulder rolls, exercise shoulder

A fun shoulder stretch to remove tension.
Stand in an alert position with hands down and arms straight. Move your shoulders forward in a circular motion at a slow pace. You can perform this same exercise in backward circular motion. Keep your body relaxed all through the while and take deep breaths during the set. You can expand the diameter of the motion till the time you do not feel the hitch. Apart from reducing muscle tension, it also removes stiffness and improves blood circulation.

2. Cow-Face Pose

cow pose pose, stretch shoulder

Gomukhasana fondly known as cow-pose face is one of the best exercises to cure tight shoulders.
Sit on a flat surface with your legs extended. Then, twist and twirl them. First bend your knees in such a way that your sole faces the floor. Put your left foot under your right knee and move it towards your right hip. Place your right knee on top of the left and move the right leg towards the left hip. Once comfortable, balance your body weight on both sides. Now place your left hand at your spine with your palm facing forward. Bend your right elbow and put it on the spine in an inwardly rotated format. Let both your palms rest in the center of your back. Slip your forearm into the void of your lower back and roll it in a vertical format. Try to tangle your fingers if you can. Top elbow should be beside your head, facing the ceiling and the bottom one should face the floor. Keep the back straight all through the while.

3. Cross-Body Arm Stretch

cross body arms, body stretch

If you are looking for a quick muscle loosening exercise then cross body arm stretch is for you.
Stand firmly with your hands straight. Cross one of your hands with elbow facing your chest. Use your other hand to pull that hand towards your chest. Hold the pose for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat with the other hand.

4. Standing Wall Stretch

standing pose, stretch spine, stretch back

It is an easy and anytime practicable stretch.
Stand in front of a wall keeping one arm distance. Put your arms on the wall and bend down your upper body. Hold the pose till you feel the pull. Slowly come to the starting position.

5. Arm Circles

arm circle , hand stretch, stretching body

Make some way and doze away tight shoulders
Stand with a firm spine and stretch your arms in straight position- framing 90 degree angles. Slowly move your hands in a circular motion (1 foot in diameter). Do it for 10 seconds. Perform the same exercise in the opposite direction.
In case of acute and chronic pain, let physiotherapy come to your rescue.