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Our back hurt due to various reasons like an injury, trauma or a condition but, did you know back pain can also be developed due to some of our carelessness?

Yes, it might be hard to believe, but we ourselves can be the reason for our back pain. Approximately 60% to 80% of us will get at least mild back pain at some time in our lives. Pain in the back joint is such that it can make one restless and cause difficulty in carrying out daily activities. So, let’s take a look at some common mistakes, avoiding which we can prevent developing or at least reduce back pain.

  1. Bad Posture

At your job, while sitting at home, or anywhere, have you noticed your posture? It will be in hunched position most of the time, which is one of the major causes of back pain. Poor posture slowly and gradually can cause big damage to our back eventually leading to even anatomical changes in your spine.

Health Tip: Stay aware and correct your posture whenever you feel like you are slouching too much. Keep a reminder to make it a habit slowly. Use a comfortable chair and if necessary use a pillow as back support.

  1. Long sitting

Desk job, long meetings, lunch break, commuting daily via vehicle, watching TV at home, playing video games, what we do in common in all these activities? Sitting. Long hours of sitting can even cause sciatica which can break your lower back from pain.

Health Tip: Take breaks every one or two hours. Walk around, talk to colleagues to lift off the stress from your back. Use standing desks or perform stretching exercises that can be done at your office desk.

  1. Ignoring the symptoms

Each back pain is different. The type and duration of back pain differ according to the causes. It can be a sharp stabbing back pain or pain in the lower back or middle back pain. Ignoring back pain considering it will go away on its own is itself the biggest mistake. Never ignore your back pain symptoms. Don’t wait for it to become chronic.

Health Tip: Start with heat or ice therapy. If the pain persists start using electrotherapy machines like SONICTENS or Combo3 Plus which you can easily operate on your own and even take it to work.

  1. Wrong exercises

Exercises are good for relieving back pain but extreme or wrong exercises can do more harm than good. Inform your gym instructor about your back condition who will then give you a lower back pain workout plan and teach you the safe way to do it to prevent you from developing lower back pain from working out. Sit-ups hurt lower back and if you have disc problem then avoid it completely as it will only make it worse. Also, never stretch your hamstring if you feel a tightness in it already.

Health Tip: If the pain is severe avoid going to the gym or practicing heavy workouts. Follow the instructions given at the gym and don’t overdo anything.

  1. Skipping Warm-up

Exercising without a warm-up is a big no-no. Working out directly can put your joints, especially your back at risk. A warm-up prepares our muscles for the workout, skipping which can put a strain on them.

Health Tip: Warm-up hardly takes a minute. Never ever skip it. It’s fine to do one set of exercise less but always start with a warm-up.


Our back joint carries a lot of tasks every day and all we can do in return is take good care of it. A little effort in its care can save you from developing chronic back conditions which are extremely painful and in some cases permanent damage.