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arithisis pain
Arthritis, no less than a mysterious condition that causes our joints to go weak and restless has conquered almost 54 million adults all over the world. Due to its confusing pain that one fails to describe in words, arthritis condition has got a lot of myths and misconceptions about Arthritis it that needs to be cleared from people’s mind.

Blindly believing such myths will only worsen the condition more as you might do something you shouldn’t or vice versa. Debunking myths and misconceptions will help you know arthritis myths well so that you can take the necessary preventive measures and stay fit. Let’s see what are those common myths;

1. Arthritis is an old-age condition
arithisis pain
One of the biggest myths about arthritis is that it develops as you get old. Not at all. Arthritis has nothing to do with old age. It can strike at any age – even infancy. In fact, almost 300,000 children “officially” have arthritis. Age is just a risk factor. It is true that those over 55 are four times more likely to have arthritis than younger people and typically, people will experience symptoms of osteoarthritis when they reach 70, but other types of arthritis like rheumatoid can occur anytime or worse some have them by birth.

2. All joint pain is arthritis
Although arthritis is often used as a blanketed term for any joint pain, there are actually more than 100 related diseases affecting certain joints, tissues, or even the whole body, ranging from osteoarthritis (“wear and tear”) and autoimmune varieties (rheumatoid arthritis), to crystalline arthropathies (like gout and pseudogout) and post-traumatic forms. Among which, the most prevalent is knee osteoarthritis, where the protective cartilage inside the knee joint breaks down and to cure which, certain natural remedies are recommended to be the best knee joint pain relief measures even by the professionals.

3. You can’t and should not exercise

Arthritis pain can be inflammatory, sharp, restless, tiring, etc., but that doesn’t mean you should rest all your life. It is a common belief that exercise will worsen the condition where in fact, sitting idle will.

Physical activity is an excellent pain management strategy as it increases the range of motion and prevents your joints from turning stiff. Besides, obesity or over-weight is another reason for joint aches as it puts excess strain on the joints which can be avoided or lessened with regular workout. So, a practice of some gentle arthritis exercises on a daily basis is, in fact, one of the best natural cures for arthritis.

4. The weather has nothing to do with arthritis
Well, earlier it was believed so but a lot of research has been done on this and now it is evident that weather conditions do affect our joints and those with arthritis condition, relatively low barometric pressure, low temperatures, and precipitation can increase the intensity of pain even more. There are certain causes but remedies of knee pain in cold weather too, which have proven to be the best effective knee joint pain treatments till today.

On an endnote
‘There is no cure for arthritis’, ‘There is nothing you can do to prevent arthritis or once you develop the condition,’ all these are other common myths associated with arthritis which are utterly false.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, maintaining a reasonable weight, protecting oneself from cold, wearing supports, using ultrasound devices, all these have proven their worth in erasing arthritis to a great extent to almost null. After all, it’s upon us, whether you want to live with it or without it.