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A shoulder pain followed by increasing stiffness, unbearable pain, and the inability to carry out basic activities like picking something up, holding a laundry basket, combing hair etc. is not a silly thing to let go. If ignored, it can even make your shoulder completely freeze, which means you won’t be able to move your shoulders at all, and that is frozen shoulder.

Also known by the name adhesive capsulizes, frozen shoulder is a challenging condition that can give you sleepless nights, throbbing pain and extreme stiffness, gradually restricting the movement of shoulders completely. It usually affects one shoulder and women in the age group of 40 to 60 are more prone to get frozen shoulder than the men.

Some common frozen shoulder causes that make the shoulder joint to swell or freeze are said to be diabetes, trauma to shoulder joint, thickening of the shoulder joints capsule, prolonged immobilization of the shoulder due to an injury or surgery, overactive or under active thyroid, cardiovascular disease, etc. Whatever the reason be, here are some tips to ease your frozen shoulder symptoms and hacks to prevent it from developing or worsening further.

  1. Yes, you must give your shoulder rest but not too much. Movement is important. Continue with your activities slowly even if it’s painful to maintain the range of motion of your shoulders. Seek the help of your unaffected arm to help the affected shoulder.
  2. Get some good amount of sleep especially in the early months. Place a pillow under your affected shoulder and allow your hand to rest on your stomach if sleeping on your back and if sleeping sideways, sleep on the uninvolved side hugging a pillow across your chest.
  3. Avoid heavy lifting chores or tasks that can cause sudden jerks to your shoulders like pulling something, walking dogs, catching etc.
  4. Give the frozen shoulder treatment of hot and cold compress alternatively to bring down the swelling and pain as well.
  5. To get rid of the inflammation in your frozen shoulder, consume some healthy and anti-inflammatory foods like tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables; such as spinach, kale, and collards, nuts like almonds and walnuts, fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines etc. to help support faster recovery.
  6. Keep your diabetes under control.
  7. Never skip frozen shoulder exercises. Practice shoulder strengthening exercises or yoga to keep it moving but avoid hardcore exercises.
  8. Correct your posture now and then. Avoid slumping and slouching while sitting and try to keep your shoulders back and down away from your ears to avoid further discomfort.
  9. Seek a professional for a good frozen shoulder massage to relax the stiff shoulder muscles.
  10. Avoid exposure to cold winds or cold environments for too long
  11. Try one of the old frozen shoulder home remedies by drinking the powdered mixture of methi, sonth (dried ginger and tamarind paste) and ajwain (carom seeds) with lukewarm water after meals.
  12. If nothing helps, there’s always the safest and 100% natural frozen shoulder remedy that can be practiced anywhere, anytime and need not any professional to perform as well, which is none other than Physiotherapy. The combination therapy of ultrasound and TENS unit which comes in a sleek and compact device called SONICTENS will help you regain the lost mobility of your shoulder joint along with the freedom from pain and stiffness, permanently without any side effects.

Frozen shoulder is a prolonged and complicated condition as if not given proper care can rebound. Hence, taking preventive measures and severe care is necessary to get rid of it completely. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, physical activity, sound sleep, all these will melt the frozen shoulder away and prevent it from sprouting back again.